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Stream Morningstar Delirium’s (mem Dreadnought, The Flight Of Sleipnir) ethereal debut LP

Morningstar Delirium is a musical collective led by two Colorado metal musicians — The Flight Of Sleipnir‘s Clayton Cushman and Dreadnought‘s Kelly Schilling — and though both musicians are primarily known for metal, this is a much more somber project, pulling from ethereal goth, dark folk, glitchy electronics, post-rock, and more. Their self-titled debut album, which is made up of four lengthy songs, comes out July 9 via self-release (pre-order) and we’re premiering the full stream in this post.

“We started this project from a more casual and exploratory stance, but I really believe we came up with some great music with some deep and interesting soundscapes,” Clay tells us. “I hope people enjoy the solemn beauty I think it holds. This turned out to be one of my favorite records I’ve been involved with and I look forward to collaborating further.”

“Clay and I created Morningstar Delirium to be a boundless outlet for musical experimentation and exploration,” Kelly adds. “It was birthed in 2020, with much of its material coming to fruition during the winter months. We worked together remotely, tracking our own parts at home while sending the project files back and forth throughout the process, and I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish!”

“I think the music really captures the uneasiness of isolation,” Kelly continues, “the fear of the unknown, yet a beauty to the stillness. At times it is like watching snow fall on a quiet winter day with nothing but one’s thoughts, and at other moments it transports to otherworldly realms of nightmares and celestial wonder. I hope the listener enjoys it, wherever it takes them!”



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