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‘Survivor 41’ video recap for episode 8: ‘Look how much drama we got out of a papaya’ [WATCH]

Episode 8 of “Survivor 41” proved that despite all the idols and advantages that make up the game these days, sometimes the biggest conflicts come from the players themselves. “Look how much drama we got out of a papaya,” says Kevin Jacobsen in a new slugfest, referencing Ricard Foye eating a piece of papaya at camp after already winning a Reward Challenge for food, and getting in trouble for it. Fellow Gold Derby contributor Matt Noble agrees that it was refreshing to see some “classic ‘Survivor’ tribal drama” in this episode as opposed to a flurry of advantages and idols. Watch the full slugfest above.

While this episode ultimately resulted in a predictable outcome, with the larger alliance targeting the Yase three, there was enough character drama to make for a compelling hour of television. Heather Aldret caused chaos at Tribal Council by starting a whisper campaign against Naseer Muttalif, which caused other members of her alliance to think about targeting her. Noble is concerned that the previously comfortable Heather has now put herself in a bad position. “With your allies, you want people who are reliable, and what she did at Tribal Council was an unreliable thing,” he observes.

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Noble and Jacobsen are more unsure than ever about who will win “Survivor 41.” Though both have been on the Shan Smith train for a while now, they are starting to waver, especially after a not-so-great episode where she struggled to manage relationships. Jacobsen agrees with the current Gold Derby odds which have Deshawn Radden as the top winner pick, stating that the 25-year-old is “someone who can adapt and someone who we see his perspective on a lot of things, so it makes sense as a satisfying winner.” Meanwhile, Noble took note of the Yase turtle flashback in this episode and wonders if one of the remaining Yase players of Evvie Jagoda, Xander Hastings or Liana Wallace could take it. “I’m going to be on turtle watch the rest of this season.”

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