Tatcha’s Clay Face Mask Took My Oily Skin From Greasy To Glowing In Minutes

I’ve had oily, temperamental skin for as long as I can remember, and there’s not a grease-sopping mask or treatment I haven’t tried. (A career in beauty has bolstered this endeavor.) From kaolin-based formulas to charcoal-infused pastes to French green clay creations, clarifying masks can be a saving grace for calming breakouts and balancing oily skin. However, none have been more luxurious than Tatcha’s new Clarifying Clay Mask. The just-launched product features an all-star roster of Japanese-sourced ingredients that include volcanic ash, konjac, and Okinawan kucha clay to exfoliate and absorb excess oil within five minutes. Impressive claims, to be sure — but would I expect anything less from Tatcha, the GOAT when it comes to luxury skin care? Ahead, keep reading as the powerhouse product faces off against my oily, breakout-prone complexion.

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