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Team Gwen Stefani: ‘The Voice’ Season 22 photos, bios, artist rankings

Pop-rock Grammy winner Gwen Stefani has been a coach on “The Voice” six different times (though never consecutively), but this is the first season she and Blake Shelton are officially a married couple. She successfully coached Carter Rubin to a victory in Season 19, and now she’s itching to become a two-time “Voice” champion. Now that the Season 22 blind auditions are in full swing, can Gwen find herself in the winner’s seat yet again?

Tour our gallery above (or click here for direct access) for a closer look at Team Gwen Stefani on “The Voice” Season 22, including photos, bios and artist rankings. Also see our features for Team Blake Shelton, Team Camila Cabello and Team John Legend.

1. Jay Allen

Age: 36
Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA
Resident: Nashville, TN

Jay Allen has learned the power of music firsthand. Inspired by his mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, Allen wrote his original song “Blank Stares.” A video of him performing the song with his mother on stage went viral and garnered over 500 million views on Facebook. His mother has since passed, but Allen continues to be an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association, and “Blank Stares” has gone on to raise millions of dollars to help fight the disease. Allen currently lives in Nashville and is set to marry Kylie Morgan on October 1.

The Voice Ian Harrison

2. Ian Harrison

Age: 20
Hometown: Lewis Center, OH
Resident: Columbus, OH

Ian’s dad was his best friend growing up. Sadly, when Ian was 9, everything changed when his dad took his own life. Ian picked up his dad’s guitar and taught himself how to play, which helped him feel close to his dad. After some time, life took a turn for the better when his mom met his now-stepdad, Scott. Ian calls Scott his “adopted dad” and it means the world to Ian that Scott stepped into his life as a father figure. With support from his family, Ian was able to cope and grieve. He ventured into singing in middle school choir, which segued into singing in church, and eventually landed the lead in the high school musical.

The Voice Tanner Howe

3. Tanner Howe

Age: 29
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Resident: Huntington Beach, CA

Tanner grew up in a very musical family. They went from singing together in the living room to eventually forming a family band called Howe Party of 6. He started to take music more seriously after he was accepted into the music program at his high school and began taking up guitar and piano, as well as performing in a duo with his sister. After high school, Tanner studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, started creating original music and videos and worked his way to performing at L.A. venues such as The Mint and House of Blues. Most recently, he’s enjoyed a residency at Downtown Disney as a full band and duo with his dad. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, he got creative by performing what he calls “drive-up concerts,” where he pulled up to local homes and performed from the back of his truck.

The Voice Kique

4. Kique

Age: 18
Hometown: Miami, FL
Resident: Miami, FL

Kique was born and raised in Miami in a very loud Cuban family, yet he started talking very late in childhood. It was difficult for him, until his parents put him in speech therapy and, eventually, music therapy. Music therapy allowed him to learn how to shape words and literally gave him a voice. Kique went to an all-boys Catholic school and never really “came out,” but being queer, Kique didn’t fit the mold there, which made his school experience tough. He started performing in school concerts and recording songs in his music class. Kique got his first job at McDonald’s, then decided to work at a local pet shop, where he fell in love with reptiles. He now has over 30 reptiles, including seven snakes and numerous geckos.

The Voice Alyssa Witrado

5. Alyssa Witrado

Age: 19
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Resident: Fresno, CA

Raised in a Mexican-American musical household, Alyssa found her love for singing at a young age thanks to her mom. Musical inspiration came from many places, and Alyssa’s passion for music evolved in high school when she became involved in musical theater, acting and dance. Alyssa’s parents divorced when she was 9 years old, and music became her rock. During that time, her father introduced her to No Doubt, and “Don’t Speak” became Alyssa’s anthem. When Alyssa was 12, her mom got a new boyfriend (now fiancé), Patrick. Alyssa and Patrick have since become close. Patrick is a professional bass player and fellow musician and has become one of Alyssa’s biggest supporters.

The Voice Sadie Bass

6. Sadie Bass

Age: 25
Hometown: Bath, MI
Resident: Nashville, TN

Sadie has always loved being outdoors and turned her passion for hunting and fishing into a way to connect with her online audience. Despite her intense fear of performing, Sadie eventually built up the courage to release her first singing video on Instagram, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews. As she gained more popularity in the Michigan area, she began playing solo shows and was invited to open for major artists such as Brantley Gilbert and Billy Ray Cyrus. In 2020, she made the big move down to Nashville to further her music career. When she’s not waitressing at her local breakfast joint, she’s writing, performing and chasing her dream in Music City.

The Voice Cara Brindisi

7. Cara Brindisi

Age: 34
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Resident: Worcester, MA

Cara works as a board-certified music therapist for those in hospice care and for people with Alzheimer’s, as well as individuals living with cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Cara was inspired to pursue music therapy after seeing the power music had with her own grandfather, who had Alzheimer’s. His memory of lyrics and song combined with her grandmother’s emotion in that moment was enough to prove to her that music can truly help people. During college, Cara met a guy and by their late 20s, they were engaged. Soon after buying a home and just before the wedding, everything fell apart and they went their separate ways. However, she created a new plan for her life that was propelled by selling her home, taking her dog, Lula, on a cross-country road trip, writing songs and finding a new sense of independence.

The Voice Daysia

8. Daysia

Age: 17
Hometown: Hampton, VA
Resident: Leavenworth, KS

Raised by a single mother, Daysia grew up in Virginia with her twin sister. One of her favorite memories was singing in the car with her mother. Unfortunately, when Daysia was 12, her mother was run over by a car and passed. She and her sister went to live with her great aunt and uncle in Kansas. Her uncle owns and operates a jazz lounge where Daysia started singing sporadically about two years ago. She now gets a whole night to perform every week. Though Daysia is only 17, with one year left of school, she’s ready to fulfill her dream of being a professional singer. She works hard to improve her technique by practicing daily, busking around town, singing the national anthem at school and sports events and performing in school plays.

The Voice Kayla Von Der Heide

9. Kayla Von Der Heide

Age: 30
Hometown: Hesperia, CA
Resident: Bisbee, AZ

Always shy and reserved, Kayla didn’t dabble in music until she was 16. Her grandmother had a piano, and Kayla would plunk on the keys. Eventually, her grandmother offered her guitar lessons. Always introverted, Kayla found writing was a way to express herself when speaking didn’t come as easily. Growing up in the desert didn’t give a kid lots of things to do, so Kayla would explore abandoned houses and buildings for fun, which got her into photography. Kayla has been a photographer for the past 10 years, but recently she’s yearned to put music in the forefront. In 2020, Kayla won a songwriting contest, which gave her a lot of confidence in her abilities and has enabled her to immerse herself in the Bisbee music scene. Combining passions for photography and music, Kayla also films and edits her own music videos – bringing visuals to her music in abandoned places she’s come to love.

The Voice Julia Aslanli

10. Julia Aslanli

Age: 23
Hometown: Davie, FL/DeLand, FL
Resident: Orlando, FL

Julia knows that the two things that bring her peace and therapy in this world are horses and singing. When Julia was a child, her mom owned eight horse stalls and the bulk of Julia’s free time was spent there taking care of the horses in the barn. Julia met her fiancé in high school and started a great relationship, but things took an unexpected turn when she became pregnant her freshman year of college. Her fiancé always encouraged her to tackle her dreams. Even while pregnant, Julia was determined to graduate college and even took a test in the hospital bed before giving birth. Despite being a busy mom, Julia has never put down the books. She’s in the process of completing her bachelor’s degree in preclinical health science and is already eyeing her master’s degree.

The Voice Destiny Leigh

11. Destiny Leigh

Age: 18
Hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria
Resident: San Diego, CA

Hailing all the way from Sofia, Bulgaria, Destiny moved to the United States when she was a year old. Destiny’s mother was born and raised in Bulgaria, while her father is African American. As an immigrant, Destiny’s mom went through plenty of hardships in the early years of her arrival. Destiny remembers living in homeless shelters and friends’ houses. There was a constant struggle with finances, but her mom got the family back on their feet. Music was always Destiny’s safe haven. She performed everywhere she could at school and local theaters, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout middle and high school. She was accepted to Berklee College of Music and recently finished her freshman year where she performed as a lead in the Berklee Beyoncé Ensemble, a tribute show to Beyoncé and Black excellence.

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