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Techland have launched TechlandGG, a new community hub based around Dying Light 2.

It’s possible that TechlandGG (GG is short for Gamers and Goodies) will fold in other future Techland games, but for now it’s dedicated entirely to promoting zombie-killing parkour game Dying Light 2.

So what’s in it for you? If you’ve no interest in Dying Light 2, not an awful lot. But if you are champing at the bit to dive into this much delayed title, it’s worth checking out. Aside from sporting all manner of information and so on about the game, you can complete “quests” (watching trailers and so forth) to earn in-game items.


Well, you’ll earn them now but you get the items when the game launches this December 7th. We’re quite curious as to how these items are curated; we’ve come across bonus and pre-order items that can unbalance a game. For example, Fallout New Vegas has an infinite water canteen, which made a mockery of the game’s survival mode.

You can find out more about TechlandGG at the official website, though you’ll need to link your PlayStation/Xbox/Steam account to claim the rewards.


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