‘The Avengers’ Would Still Be Filming Under Christopher Nolan’s Direction, Robert Downey Jr. Jokes

Director Christopher Nolan is known for his meticulous approach to filmmaking.

That’s why Robert Downey Jr. joked that 2012’s The Avengers would still be filming if Nolan had been at the helm.

In a joint interview for Wired to promote their new film, Oppenheimer, the Iron Man actor and Nolan were asked what 2012’s The Avengers might’ve looked like if Nolan had taken over from the film’s actual director, Joss Whedon.

Downey said the film would still be in production.

Nolan fired back.

“Whoa, that is the multiverse conundrum,” Nolan said. “Having worked with you on Oppenheimer, it’d probably be a lot — too much Tony Stark. You’d be running away with the movie a little bit.”

“Like I didn’t?” Downey shot back.

Nolan laughed, adding, “Even more. And not using CG — would you be prepared to get on one of those jetpacks, the ones they make for real?”

Earlier in the Wired interview, Nolan explained why he doesn’t use CGI in his films, which would have been problematic if he had directed The Avengers.

“I find CGI, however versatile it is, it always tends to feel a little safe to me,” Nolan said. “I think if you want something to have a bit of bite, you want the imagery to have a bit of threat, even if it’s a miniature, even if it’s something very fake, but something real on camera, I think it gives you a better result.”

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