The Big Chop Transformed My Confidence & Helped Me Appreciate My Blackness

The truth is, though, when your hair is damaged, it simply won’t grow healthy. The realization is a tough pill to swallow. There was always a fear in the back of my mind that people wouldn’t like me anymore if I cut all my hair off, or that I wouldn’t look desirable to men when dating. Why? Throughout my life I’d been told that my curly Afro was unprofessional, unkempt, or looked better straight. The self-hate was real, not to mention painful. For over a decade, I never saw my hair in its natural state. It was either dyed blonde or black, straightened, or covered with wigs and weave. But when the pandemic hit, everything changed. I caught COVID and it was the catalyst to convincing myself that just as I would get healthy, my hair would grow again, too. So I woke up one morning and chopped it all off in the bathroom, with absolutely no regrets.

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