The Drippiest Splatoon 3 Players We’ve Seen So Far

Inklings and Octolings from Splatoon 3 are about to shoot each other up in their best drip.

I wonder where Splatsville’s runway is…
Image: Nintendo

If you’ve spent any amount of time sauntering around Splatoon 3’s new hub world of Splatsville, then you’ve undoubtedly seen some of the drippiest fashion known in this city of inky chaos. No joke, the fits are so clean—and so bizarre—that I couldn’t help but chronicle the best of the best. From the ubiquity of school uniforms to the witchiest getups, I’ve collected 12 of the freshest digs I’ve seen in my time with the colorful ink ‘em up.

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Fashion has always been a prominent component of Splatoon, especially because the gear you dress your squid kid in directly affects your overall stats. Clothing can do things like increase your ink reserves so you can throw more paint or beef up your defenses against ink so you can tank more damage. You can find out the abilities each piece of gear bestows at the shops located within Splatsville where you can buy, upgrade, and trade in apparel using in-game money.

Cash isn’t the only way to unlock garments, though. As was the case with OG Splatoon, the threequel features Amiibo support, which is a nice way of saying that some of the best—or drippiest—clothes in the game are locked behind you owning specific Amiibo. Murch, the hot sea urchin who can order some gear at a pretty high premium, can’t help you out here.

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Still, the threads on display in Splatsville are incredibly eye-catching. In the slides that follow, you’ll see an eclectic mix of styles, including creepy Chuck-E-Cheese-like mascots and folks who look like Brotherhood of Steel rejects from the Fallout series. Plenty of people are reliving ‘90s-era fashion with some bold colors. And there’s this one pair of dressy shoes everyone’s wearing that you can only cop from the Inkling Girl Amiibo. It’s a bummer, but the outfits folks have put together are dope. So, let’s check out some squid drip:

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