The “Emily in Paris” Character You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Everyone dreams of living a beautiful life in Paris at some point. Between the smell of fresh baguettes on street corners and the way the Eiffel Tower dazzles the night sky with glittering light, what’s not to love? If thinking about the city of love fills you with wanderlust, then it’s time to talk about the zodiac sign that matches each Emily in Paris character.

If there’s one thing that’s true about Paris, it’s that the city always changes you in some way. Take Emily Cooper, for example. When she first began working at the Savoir Paris office, she stuck out like a sore thumb thanks to the way her American qualities contrasts with those of her French colleagues. Her overenthusiastic and overachieving nature didn’t exactly jive with the more moody and laid back culture in Paris. But by the end of season 2, Emily had fallen in love, ruined a friendship and of course, received a job offer from her French boss who used to hate her. C’est la vie!

If you’re ready for Paris to take you on a wild and unforgettable adventure, you can live vicariously through Emily’s once again. Season 3 will be released on Netflix on December 21 at exactly 3 a.m. ET, giving you plenty of daydreaming material over the holidays. In the meantime, let’s dissect each character and decide which zodiac sign captures their personality the most:

The Emily in Paris Character That Matches Your Zodiac Sign

Mindy Chen Emily in Paris


Bold, enthusiastic and self-governing are some of the best words to describe an Aries. They are also perfect adjectives for Mindy Chen. She might see herself as a disappointment to her wealthy family in Shanghai, but Mindy always lives her life on her own terms. She gave up a life of luxury in China to make her own way in Paris, rebelling against everyone’s expectations of her. While she may not make much money as a nanny and a street performer, Mindy would rather assert her independence than give up her freedom. And even though she’s still haunted by her embarrassing experience bombing on live TV, Mindy still finds the courage to get back up there and sing. Sounds pretty Aries, doesn’t it?

Emily in Paris


It’s undeniable that Gabriel is dreamy, but he’s not overly flirtatious or persuasive. Instead of going out of his way to charm you, he attracts attention simply by existing. What could be more Taurus than that? Ruled by Venus—goddess of beauty and sensual pleasure—Gabriel lives to enjoy the simple splendors of everyday life. Not only is he a passionate chef who lives and breathes all things culinary, he also follows his heart and knows what he wants. Who wouldn’t want him to make you an omelette? He can also be stubborn and prideful, as shown in the way he’s obsessively dedicated to owning and operating his own restaurant in Paris.

Emily in Paris


Julian may be the feistiest employee at Savoir and he’s always available to translate the office gossip from French to English. Like a stereotypical Gemini, he keeps track of everyone’s business and makes sure he brings Emily up-to-speed on every Parisian social development. He’s also not afraid to call it like he sees it—even if it might hurt your feelings—which would explain why he’s always willing to openly judge Emily when she’s being too “ringard”. However, Julian doesn’t exactly have a well-defined position at Savoir. Geminis are famous for being multitaskers and people who are “jack of all trades”, a category that Julian absolutely falls into. We all knew Julian was a Gemini when he straight up told Emily that Pierre Cadault called her a “basic bitch”.

Alfie Emily in Paris


On the surface, Alfie may seem sarcastic and aloof, but behind that hard exterior is someone with really big heart. Cancers are ruled by the crab in astrology, and although they’re known for being sensitive and compassionate, they also have a tough outer shell that protects them from getting hurt. However, once you’ve broken down their defenses, they become putty in your hands. And although they may have a million dating rules, they’re always willing to break them for someone they love. Plus, Alfie takes so much pride in being English and misses England so much that he doesn’t even like living in Paris. Everyone knows that family-oriented Cancers hate leaving home!

Antoine Lambert Emily in Paris


If there’s one thing that’s true about Antoine Lambert, it’s that he’s pretty in love with himself. Like every Leo, Antoine lights up the room with his effortless cool and his undeniably French charm. His warm and inviting presence makes him someone that people can’t help but gravitate to, which explains why he’s in the perfume business! However, like every Leo, he has a tendency to want to have his cake and eat it too, hence the fact that he has both a wife home and a mistress at work. And while he may seem like a fickle and superficial Casanova, he proves his status a loyal and generous Leo through his investment in and commitment to Gabriel’s restaurant.

Emily in Paris


Emily Cooper is a punctual and highly organized perfectionist who always aims for an A+. And because Emily is downright obsessed with being of service, the titular Midwestern marketing executive could be nothing short of a Virgo. She’s ready for work at 8:30 a.m. sharp, Tweets faster than she breathes and always has a million ideas for social content. Her genius dedication to her work and her encyclopedic knowledge of the industry is Virgo to a T. However, like many Virgos, Emily often makes the error of thinking that being over-prepared should guarantee her success. Emily’s French colleagues wish she’d learn how to simply relax and enjoy herself, because her overachiever tendencies lead to awkward and uncomfortable situations that could easily have been avoided.

Camille Emily in Paris


Camille is kind, generous, flirtatious and always in the mood to party. Can someone spot the Libra? She’s someone who loves being someone’s lover or friend and is always willing to introduce everyone to each other. But while Libra’s may seem docile and laidback on the surface, they’re always just one injustice away from telling someone off. Ruled by the scales in astrology, Libras are always aiming to establish balance and fairness in the universe. And ever since Camille found out that her boyfriend has been sleeping with her best friend, she’s been on a war path. Camille is proof that you should think twice before you come between a Libra and the person they love.

Sylvie Emily in Paris


Scorpios are controlling, mysterious and cool without trying to be. Enter Sylvie Grateau, the terrifying and beautiful chief marketing officer for Savoir’s Paris office. When it comes to a Scorpio, it’s their way or the highway, which explains why her employees have a tendency to walk on eggshells around her when she’s in a bad mood. She’s someone who’s always aiming to maintain her power in every situation. Never once is she willing to lower her standards, not for a corporation and definitely not for a man. Plus, every Scorpio has tons of secrets, which explains why Sylvie keeps all her personal information close to the chest. However, Sylvie is more than just a tough-as-nails boss, but someone who keeps her guard up until you’ve made it into her circle of trust.

Emily in Paris Madeline


If any zodiac sign has a tendency to blurt things out, it’s Sagittarius. And Madeline Wheeler—the quirky marketing director of the Gilbert Group—exemplifies the Sagittarian brand of comic honesty that often lacks self-awareness. In any given situation, Madeline Wheeler is always 100 percent herself, even if her overtly American qualities ruffle a few French feathers. While she may be able to recite the Gilbert Group’s company commandments from memory, there’s no doubt that Madeline is still your typical wild Sagittarius party girl at heart; someone who works hard *and* plays hard. Let’s not forget—we still don’t know which of her many lovers got her pregnant!

Grégory Elliott Duprée Emily in Paris


Grégory Elliott Duprée radiates Capricorn energy like none other. Not only is he sassy and elitist, but he’s so dedicated to his position as an iconic up-and-coming fashion designer that he transformed into his mentor’s biggest rival in the industry. When a Capricorn sets their mind on something, nothing—and I mean nothing—can stand in their way. This zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn—planet of karma and delayed gratification—which explains why Grégory was willing to play the long game and learn everything he could from Pierre Cadault before taking that knowledge and turning it on its head!

Emily in Paris Luc


Everyone has a friend in Luc. The sweet, zany and mischievous Savoir executive is always willing to invite an outsider into their circle, which is highly Aquarius of them. Luc was the first of Emily’s French colleagues to befriend her, even while everyone else was making fun of her for being obnoxiously American. However, just because Luc wanted to make Emily feel more at home in Paris doesn’t mean he approves of her workaholic tendencies. Like every Aquarius, Luc is someone with humanitarian ideals; someone who believes in making the world a better place. He once told Emily: “You live to work. We work to live,” and what Aquarius doesn’t agree with that?

Emily in Paris Pierre Cadault


No one possesses more creativity, imagination and heart than the legendary Pierre Cadault. Like every Pisces with an artistic vision, Pierre doesn’t cow-tow to trendy corporate demands, especially if it forces him to sacrifice the quality of his work. To Pierre, fashion is a spiritual art form that cannot be compromised. Wavering between extreme joy and intense sadness, Pierre is just a Pisces to his very core. The way this haute couture designer sequesters himself in his room and smashes crème brulée with a spoon whenever he’s depressed is peak Pisces behavior. And only a Pisces would be able to forgive and fall in love with a dorky American like Emily, despite her being so “ringard”.

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