The Engineering Management Institute to Launch This Week in Civil Engineering The Engineering Management Institute to Launch This Week in Civil Engineering

Ridgewood, NJ – The civil engineering industry is busier than ever, and with the failing infrastructure, climate change, and other world challenges, it will only get busier.

While it’s important for civil engineering professionals to stay up to date with industry news – who has the time?  Between project meetings, conference calls and site visits, civil engineers can’t afford to lose any of their billable time.

The solution…

This Week in Civil Engineering (TWiCE) will be a short weekly show published to provide civil engineering professionals with the most important industry updates.  No fluff, no wasted time, just the important stuff.

Topics will include technical information related to new products that might improve project performance, information on government funding as it becomes available for civil related projects, as well as professional development tips for individuals and firms.

The popularity of EMI’s podcasts, The Civil Engineering Podcast and The Structural Engineering Channel was the impetus for creating a shorter show strictly related to news and current events in civil engineering.

The show will be available in video form on our YouTube channel, and in audio form through Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms.

The show will launch in the Spring of 2020.  EMI is currently looking for sponsors for the show and we’re also looking for a few civil engineers that might be interested in guest hosting some of the episodes.  If interested contact us here.

Angelique Burns
Office: 201-857-2384

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Originally posted 2020-02-26 19:35:32.

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