The Goon Sax share “Psychic” from upcoming Matador debut

Australian trio The Goon Sax release new album Mirror II, their first for Matador, next month and they’ve just shared a second single from it. “Psychic” draws from gloomy ’80s indie but a warm beating heart shines out of the song.

“’Psychic’ exists in the fragile intersection of fantasy and reality – a supernatural world you escape into until you feel reality’s grip on your collar,” says Louis Forster. “As you’re dragged back to linear time and supposed objectivity, the supernatural reinstates its claim to a more powerful truth. Eventually, the friction between these worlds causes you to question your faith in both, wondering to what degree truth can be chosen and what forces from both are too strong for you to stand in their way. Much like ‘In the Stone,’ this song is a conversation. Two people’s truths of the search for this very thing.”

You can watch the video for “Psychic,” directed by Christine Marie Jones, below.

Mirror II is out June 9 via Matador.

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