The Lego Luigi toy interacts with Lego Mario in a two-player mode | VGC

Lego has revealed that its upcoming Lego Luigi figure will interact with the Lego Mario figure.

This will allow two people to play with the interactive Lego Super Mario stages together, either co-operatively or competitively.

“Connect Lego Luigi with Lego Mario for 2-player action,” Lego’s announcement states.

“This new super-interactive way of playing enables children to explore the unique courses they build with a friend or family member.

The Lego Luigi toy interacts with Lego Mario in a two-player mode

“Together they can earn bonus digital coins for in-sync actions like flipping and jumping, and share extra rewards for defeating enemies and completing challenges as a team.

“Or they can change things up and compete against each other.”

Nintendo revealed Lego Luigi in April, the day after it had been listed early on Amazon China. The week prior to its reveal, a firmware update caused the Lego Mario toy to start calling out for Luigi in its sleep.

The Lego Luigi Starter Course will be released on August 1, alongside the Bowser’s Airship playset that had previously been leaked by Amazon Australia.

The first range of Lego Super Mario sets launched in August 2020. As well as the Mario Starter Course, which contains the electronic Mario toy needed to interact with the other courses, other expansion packs featured the likes of Yoshi, Toad and Bowser, but there has been no Luigi figure to date.

The Lego Group stated last month that Super Mario was “one of the company’s most successful theme launches”. The company has previously said it hopes to have a “long and fruitful” relationship with Nintendo.

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