The Power of Culture: Why It Trumps Strategy Every Day

In this article, I’d like to discuss the importance of building and maintaining the right culture in your firm. It’s the most important thing you can do.

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How Bill Walsh transformed the San Francisco 49ers from the laughingstock of the NFL to a powerhouse in less than 1,000 days.

When Bill Walsh was hired as the 49ers head football coach in 1979, he knew that there was only one way to turn that franchise around, and it wasn’t about finding the best football players in the world. He needed to instill a culture and attitude of winning in every member of the 49ers organization.

So, Walsh spent many hours creating a Standard of Performance that consisted of 17 principles that he honed over the years. This Standard of Performance was to be followed by EVERY person in the organization, from the receptionist to the now hall-of-fame quarterback Joe Montana.

Well, it worked. After going only 2 and 14 in his first season as head coach of the 49ers, Walsh led his team to a Super Bowl victory just two seasons later. He eventually finished with three Super Bowl titles with the 49ers and an impressive .609 (92-59-1) winning percentage. It’s also important to note that they won the Super Bowl the year after he left, while the culture he built still existed.

Culture Eats Strategy

Walsh knew that amassing talent and some really skilled players might help the 49ers win a few games, and maybe even one Super Bowl, but he wasn’t looking to win a few games. Walsh wanted to create and maintain a football dynasty, and his Standard of Performance created the culture that allowed him to achieve his goal.

As NFL Executive Mike Lombardi said of Walsh’s Standard of Performance, “It was the compass that guided everything he oversaw — coaching, scouting, management — allowing him to transform the 49ers…”

Walsh used football to prove that management expert Peter Drucker’s quote is true: “Culture can eat strategy for lunch.”

Are you proving that quote to be true with your team or company?

Focusing on the culture of your firm can ensure long-term success that outlast the ups and downs of the economy or the project lifecycle.

How are you building a strong, sustainable culture in your engineering company?

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