The ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 2 Cast Includes a TikToker & a Male Stripper—Meet the Contestants

If you thought the first season’s cast was fire, wait until you meet the Too Hot to Handle season 2 contestants, which includes a male stripper, a lawyer and a TikTok star with millions of followers. It doesn’t get more random than that.

Too Hot to Handle premiered on Netflix in April 2020. The reality TV dating show follows a group of attractive (very attractive) singles from around the world as they flirt, date and try not to have sex. The host of Too Hot to Handle is a virtual assistant named Lana, who watches the contestants 24/7 to make sure that they don’t kiss, have sex or touch each other (and themselves) in a sexual manner, otherwise their $100,000 prize money goes way down.

Compared to season 1, which was filmed in Punta Mita, Mexico, season 2, which premiered on June 23, 2021, was shot in the Turks and Caicos. Another difference between the seasons is that season 2’s contestants didn’t know they were on Too Hot to Handle. Instead, they thought they were on a show called Parties in Paradise until Lana told them what show they were really on and how they wouldn’t be allowed to have sex. Also unlike season 1, which split the prize money among the 11 final contestants, the funds will not be divided among the cast in season 2, which is sure to create even more drama.

So who are the Too Hot to Handle season 2 contestants? Meet the 2021 cast ahead. Be warned: They are literally too hot to handle.

Cam Holmes

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 24

Job: Model and personal trainer

Home: South Wales, United Kingdom

Instagram: @camholmess

Cam, who was born and raised in South Wales, is a self-professed “sexy nerd” who loves Lord of the Rings and has a killer Gollum impression. (He’s even done some elf-based role play). For a job, cam works as a personal trainer and has modeled for brands like Maniere Devoir.

Carly Lawrence


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 24

Job: Model

Home: Toronto, Canada

Instagram: @carlylawrence_

Carly—in her words—is a “man eater” who hates to follow rules, which could be an issue when it comes to Lana on Too Hot to Handle. Before her current career as a model, she worked as competitive dancer. Carly also has an OnlyFans account, which fans can subscribe to for $9.99 per month.

Chase de Moor


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 24

Job: Athlete

Home: Arizona

Instagram: @chasedemoor

Chase is a professional football player and considers himself a faithful athlete, despite the stereotype that other contestants have about men in sports. “I love cheese more than penguins,” reads his Instagram bio. Chase plays as a defensive lineman for the Arizona Rattlers, an IFL team. According to the Rattlers’ website, he’s 6’5″ and 250 pounds and attended Central Washington University.

Emily Miller


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 27

Job: Model

Home: London, United Kingdom

Instagram: @emilyfayemillerr

Emily is a multi-lingual model from London. “A little party never killed nobody 🍍” reads her Instagram bio. She’s managed by Robert Wilson’s modeling agency, FOMO Models, which also represents Cam.

Kayla Jean


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 26

Home: Model and bartender

Home: Florida

Instagram: @kaylajean.official

Kayla, who is Filipina American, works as a model and bartender in Florida. “You’re only as beautiful as you are kind,” reads her Instagram bio. She’s represented by ACT Talent Management and has modeled for designers like Jess Juan.

Larissa Trownson


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 28

Job: Lawyer

Home: Auckland, New Zealand

Instagram: @larissa_trownson

Larissa is one of the brainier contestants on Too Hot to Handle season 2. She works as a lawyer in New Zealand and is one of the more rational cast members when it comes to Lana. Her friends also call her Tinkerbell for obvious reasons. “you can be intellectual & wear a bikini too!” reads her Instagram bio.

Marvin Anthony


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 26

Job: Model and influencer

Home: Paris, France

Instagram: @marvin.anthony_

Marvin, who had almost 250K Instagram followers before Too Hot to Handle season 2 even aired, is a model and influencer from Paris—with a master’s degree in finance. At 6’4″, he played basketball at the highest level in France and started his own concierge business after he was done.

Melinda Melrose


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 28

Job: Model

Home: New York City

Instagram: @melinda_melrose

Melinda, who is from Brooklyn, is one of 16 siblings and is a self-proclaimed “firecracker.” “built a runway I’m not too short for,” reads her Instagram bio. Though her name on Instagram is Melinda Melrose, her real name is Melinda Berry.

Nathan Webb


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 27

Job: Stripper

Home: Texas

Instagram: @nathankwebb

Nathan is originally from the United Kingdom but moved to Texas for work. That job is a cowboy-themed male stripper much like Magic Mike, as he explained to his fellow contestants. “Englishman🇬🇧Chasing the American🇺🇸Dream,” his Instagram bio reads.

Peter Vigilante


Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Age: 21

Job: Personal trainer and TikToker

Home: New York City

Instagram: @petervigilante

Like Harry Jowsey from season 1, Peter is the youngest contestant on this Too Hot to Handle season. He works as a personal trainer in New York City, but he also is a super-famous TikTok star with more than 2 million followers. Thanks to his TikTok (where he mainly posts thirst traps), Peter, who comes from a big family in Staten Island, receives about 100 to 200 DMs a day from women, according to his intro package.

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