The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s Jelani Alladin Talks Battle to Save the Perimeter, Series Finale Hopes, & More!

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is gearing up for its big conclusion.

The latest series set in the franchise was announced to have a two-season run from the beginning, and we’re closing in on the endgame.

The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2 Episode 8 concluded with lives on the line after the battle to save the Perimeter.

Jelani Alladin’s Will was front and center throughout. TV Fanatic got the chance to chat to Jelani about the pivotal episode, what he liked the most about being a part of the franchise, and so much more.

TV Fanatic: What was your reaction when you read the script for the episode?

Jelani: Oh man, this is the kind of episode that an actor dreams of getting. Not only is it deeply about these people’s emotions and whether they survive under their circumstances, but then you also get to have this action-packed sequence.

Tensions at the Perimeter - The Walking Dead: World Beyond

It was my first time doing anything like that. And so being a part of it was really cool, and I was so excited. I was like, “how are we going to shoot this? Is there enough time to shoot this?”

But we got it all done, and I’m very thrilled about it!

Will was racked with guilt following Dev’s death. What can you tell me about Will’s mindset as we head into the penultimate episode of the series?

I think specifically with Will, having to have seen the death happen right in front of him, he completely has to become a fighter at that point because it’s personal now. They’ve taken someone completely innocent, someone that has nothing to do with the CRM or what they were trying to do versus Romano.

With Dev, it’s a different cost, and the CRM will have to pay for that cost.

Working on a Plan - The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Will was such a pivotal part of the mission’s success, and it looks like we lost Dennis in the shootout. The scenes were high-octane and changed everything for all the characters. What can you tell me about how this shapes everyone?

What’s great about what happens at the Perimeter is that for the first time in the entire series, every single character collides for the first time.

All the worlds are colliding, and we’re left with Dennis being shot, which will have a huge impact on so many other people who are not in that scene.

We’ll see how that plays throughout the last two episodes. And does he survive? Does he not? Do any of us survive?

We are at a place in which we can lose anyone. I’m excited to see how the fans react to what unravels with the stakes at a 10 and the tension, you can cut it with a knife. It’s so tight.

Complicated Developments - The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Will and Felix made a promise to stay out of deadly situations, but this universe has a way of pushing everyone into these harrowing circumstances. What can you tell me about what could be on tap if they meet again?

That’s the big question is: Do they meet again?

I don’t know. I think what this has forced both of them to realize is there is no right or wrong. There’s no good or bad. There’s simply what you have to do to survive, and at a certain point, you can’t put judgment on what you have to do. You just got to do it to keep yourself alive.

What have you enjoyed the most being a part of the show?

I’ve enjoyed working on the show. It has been thrilling to learn all the skills. Will has had so many weapons this season, and there are still more surprises to come.

Working Together - The Walking Dead: World Beyond

I’m just really grateful to have gotten the chance to play in this epically bombastic and thrilling sandbox.

Everyone working as an ensemble has been cool on this show because the weight of it all is shared.

The show works when you feel that everybody’s invested. Everybody is sharing the load, the lifting, the heavy load, particularly working with Anna Khaja, Maddie, and Nicholas at the Perimeter.

That scene at the top of the eight would not have worked if we weren’t all working together to make it work if we weren’t invested in its stakes. That’s been the best part is working with everyone and creating a true ensemble.

Will Returns - The Walking Dead: World Beyond

If we circle back to the fight scene, it was truly one of my favorite scenes in the franchise. It was filled with tension, and it was executed very well. Could you speak a bit more about bringing it to life?

It was a lot of waiting because there were so many pieces, but once you had your piece, there was only a certain amount of time to get your piece, and you have to commit to your piece.

And then the safety protocols that were executed so well by AMC and everyone on the set.

I really was impressed with how they’ve made us all feel safe using every weapon and just making sure that every little minutia was figured out before we went to shoot something so that there were no accidents and everyone was safe.

Making a Plan - The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Thanks, Jelani. My favorite part was when we didn’t know whether the CRM would open fire on the characters.

It’s amazing because when we were shooting it, as you saw, I was far away from them when it was happening. So even like hearing their lines was difficult, that’s what I have to go off.

The impulse of like “all right, now’s the time.” It’s like one second sooner, and they would’ve been gone.

It was really cool how that worked out.

The Walking Dead World Beyond continues Sundays at 10 p.m. on AMC. Episodes air one week earlier on AMC+.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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