These 220+ courses will help you master tech skills and prep for IT certification exams

This IT training library also includes more than 19,000 certification exam prep test questions.

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According to Boston Consulting Group, there will be tens of millions of job vacancies by 2030 that will be hard to fill because not enough workers have the required skills, many of which are in technology. So training for an IT career could be a major step toward long-term job stability, and this is the perfect time to go for it because ITU Online is offering 24/7 unlimited access to all of its courses for three years at 50% off.

ITU Online has more 220 courses that cover a wide variety of topics, including cybersecurity, network admin skills, tech support, cloud deployment and more. The course categories are every bit as wide-ranging, from databases and project management to programming and web development. You will learn about applications from Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco and more.

The courses span all career stages and are provided by a combination of high-quality remote instructors and in-house production services. But you won’t only have the benefit of lectures–there are also more than 19,000 prep test questions that will help you breeze through IT certification exams, as well as real-world knowledge that will be valuable for in your career. 

ITU Online Training has won a number of industry awards, including the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and the Best in Biz Awards. 

By taking these on-demand classes, you can learn the skills you need to obtain a well-paying job in the tech industry when it’s convenient for your busy schedule. An All-Access 3-year subscription to ITU Online normally costs $399, but you can begin training for a career in technology today for only $199–a 50% discount.

Prices subject to change.

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