These Perfume Gift Sets Make For A Scent-imental Experience

Nothing beats the mood-boosting gift of scent — specifically, the prestigious present of a personal eau de parfum. As a luxury product that boasts a multi-sensory appeal, a vanity-ready spritzer has the potential to earn you a gifting gold star — but how to suss out which fragrance is going to float your recipient’s boat? Each scent is going to waft differently from nostril to nostril, and it’s near impossible to put yourself in someone else’s shoes nose when it comes to the highly unique gift of aroma.

Enter: the multi-scent-sory fragrance gift set. Instead of limiting yourself to a single eau-dor that might not pass muster with your recipient, you’re giving them the opportunity to discover for themselves which flavor suits them best. Some savvy parfumeurs even equip their fragrance kits with a coupon towards a customer’s next purchase, offering your loved one a sweet-smelling score when they decide which bottle holds their forever fragrance.

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