Thief releasing a new album & a split with Botanist (stream a track from each)

LA electronic project Thief has a new split album with San Francisco post-black metallers Botanist (who Thief leader Dylan Neal plays hammer dulcimer for) called Cicatrix/Diamond Brush arriving August 27 via Prophecy (pre-order), and Thief will also release a new album that same day, The 16 Deaths of My Master (pre-order). We’re premiering lead single “Apple Eaters” and its video (directed by Sean Sweetman & Dylan Neal), which is a kinetic, hypnotic song that flirts with dream pop, industrial, and more.

Dylan says, “The title ‘Apple Eaters’ is taken from a line in J.D. Salinger’s short story ‘Teddy’ and the song is a vision of the world through the extreme lens of a lonely spiritual misanthrope in a deceptively shifting time signature”, explains mastermind Dylan Neal. “The hitwoman in the video is searching for someone or something, but her view of the world is colored by the lens that she is using. The strange horrors that she encounters end up being too much for her to bear. Why did she see those things? What did they mean to her? What does she use to clean her gun?”

Watch the video and stream Botanist’s “Antirrhinum” from the split LP below…

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