Things Aren’t Looking Good for Katherine and Eddie Ahead of the ‘A Million Little Things’ Finale

Are Eddie and Katherine getting divorced?

Katherine has asked Eddie for a divorce, and while they’re not in the process of actually getting legally divorced yet, it’s probably coming. Not only has Eddie betrayed Katherine one too many times (he cheated on her and then continued to lie), but Katherine is also seeing a guy named Alan and already went on a first date with him. Worst of all? Eddie hasn’t really put up much of a fight for Katherine, since he realizes how terrible he’s been to her.

Anything is possible in A Million Little Things, but the likelihood of Eddie and Katherine fixing their relationship is slim. We already saw Eddie and Katherine renew their vows at the beginning of Season 3, only to have what’s left of their relationship fall apart again. Katherine feels like every time she’s home with Eddie she’s “suffocating,” and tells Eddie that she wants to go see a couples’ therapist in order to finally end things.

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“I think we should go to counseling. Not because I want us to fix our marriage, but because I want to talk about how we’re going to end it,” Katherine says, shooting down Eddie, who, for a second thinks that Katherine wants to actually work on their relationship. But it’s clearly way too late.

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Back in April, actress Grace Park spoke with TVLine and said, “Katherine has been pushing far past her emotional limits for some time, and she is at her breaking point. When she comes home to greet Theo, but he leaves and the laptop is still connected to Eddie, not a lot is consciously going through her mind. She’s exhausted, overwhelmed, depleted, and cannot keep things together anymore like she used to. She wants it all to end but has to keep going. She just doesn’t know how.”

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Grace also points out that Katherine is just exhausted — mentally and physically. She’s been holding this family together and supporting Eddie through his addiction issues on top of him cheating on her with Delilah, and she’s tired.

“Because Katherine has been overtaxed and overexerting herself for so long, Eddie going back to rehab is the straw that breaks. While a healthier Katherine would have some hope and resilience, the current version has been running on fumes. If Katherine had been taking care of herself inside, had a flourishing internal life, been setting healthy boundaries leaning on Eddie more, this would just be a bump in the road. But she has been focusing externally, and now the internal is imploding,” Grace said.

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Even Twitter is beyond forgiving Eddie. “Who’s watching A million little things here? Can you explain to me how and why Katherine stays with Eddie even with all the things she went through because of him?” one person tweeted.

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Another tweeted, “Hey, A Million Little Things show people gods, stop making Katherine go through torture and stay with Eddie. It’s insulting. Either let her leave him or stop regurgitating this cycle. Katherine’s character deserves so much more.”

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