This Buzzy Lingerie Brand Just Launched More Inclusive Band Sizes

Odds are you’ve probably heard of Cuup, a start-up bra brand that’s risen to the peaks of Instagram notoriety in recent years for their unlined brassieres that promise to fit larger cup sizes just as well as smaller ones. Whether the rise to fame has to do with the brand’s simple-yet-sexy vibe or the custom grading system (designed to more accurately replicate the natural contours of a body), there’s no mistaking that Cuup has built an impressive cult following. Among the praise and cheer for the brand, a whisper of criticism has been building up for some time, based on the limited band sizes in the gauzy inventory. Well, if you are one of the plus-size folks that have been dying to get your hands on a Cuup bra, it’s your lucky day: The brand has now officially extended their band-sizing past 38 to include bra sizes with bands in the 40 – 44 range.

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