This Gloriously Cheesy 90s Love Song is Promoting Xbox All Access – GameSpew

Microsoft has remade a 90s love song with the aim of promoting Xbox All Access.

Will it work? That remains to be seen, but it’s quite a spectacle. “It’s All There” is a parody of All-4-One’s 90s love song “I Swear”, performed by the band itself. The song is about how Xbox’s All Access service lets you pay for both your console and online services on a monthly basis, essentially a payment plan with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tacked on.

But what’s really striking about the video is how it nails all the 90s love song cliches, from the soft focus lens right through to white suits and leaning on cars. We could swear (sorry) that Microsoft have been watching The Axis of Awesome’s superb “How To Write a Love Song” video.


If the video does convince you to dive into Xbox All Access you can learn about the service here. Given that the Twitter video already has over one million views, if even a fraction of those go for Xbox All Access it’ll have paid for itself.


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