This Is Your Last Chance To Shop Cold Picnic’s Breathtaking BIPOC Artist Collection

The supply and demand graph for Black art is wildly skewed. In modern times, the work of Black creatives is highly coveted, but these artists’ opportunities for success are comparatively rare. Cold Picnic, the Brooklyn-based rug and textile company responsible for the original “boobies” bathmat, is combatting this inequality with its annual BIPOC Student Designer Capsule Collection, a limited-edition, pre-order-only collection of knitted cotton throw blankets designed by Black art students, with 100% of the profits going to the artists. (Pre-orders for the collection will close on January 16, so hurry up and get to carting if you love these museum-worthy home goods as much as we do). This initiative was launched by Cold Picnic founders Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer just last year, and 2021’s contest winners included burgeoning artists Moraa Stump, Kiwii McLaurin, and Sjournee Quaidoo). This year, the brand launched original designs from 21-year-old Parsons graduate Imani McIntosh and 22-year-old Neena Bui, recently of Drexel University.

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