TikTok: Fans react to Usher’s BTS ‘Butter’ Challenge – watch it here!

Usher just did the popular BTS ‘Butter’ Challenge on TikTok, and here’s how fans are reacting.

Last month, K-Pop band BTS released their new single Butter, and it quickly broke a staggering five world records.

It became the most-streamed track on Spotify in the first 24-hours, was the most viewed premiere on YouTube ever and was also the most viewed YouTube video in the first 24-hours.

Fans also started a Butter Challenge on TikTok, and the latest person to take part is singer Usher!

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Usher does BTS ‘Butter’ Challenge

This week, Usher took to TikTok to post his rendition of the BTS Butter Challenge.

Wearing a suit and fur coat, he says “Baby girl, are you ready?” to which a woman replies: “Yes, I’m always ready.”

“Let’s get it, c’mon,” he adds before playing an excerpt from Butter that includes a reference to Usher’s 2001 track U Got It Bad.

In the caption, he wrote: “DONT❌NEED🤲🏾NO❌USHER🕴🏾TO✌🏾REMIND💭ME😹YOUVE👉🏾GOT🤲🏾IT🎈BAD🧑🏾‍🌾.”

The video has had a huge 4.6 million views, and K-Pop fans are totally obsessed with it.

Fans react to Usher’s ‘Butter’ Challenge

It’s safe to say fans are in love with Usher’s Butter Challenge, but everyone wants to see BTS member Jimin’s reaction.

“Someone check up on Jimin now,” one fan wrote.

Another said: “Jimin, you breathing okay?”

“I wish I could see Jimin’s reaction,” a third person said.

Jimin is apparently a huge fan of Usher himself, which is why fans are so happy that Usher did the Butter Challenge.

Usher BTS ‘Butter’ Challenge on TikTok

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