TikTok’s “Diamond Lips” Hack Made My Lips Look Fuller Naturally

“If using an eyeshadow [on your lips] is too much of a process and you want to keep it simple, opt for a frosted or metallic lipstick,” Asadi offers. “Line the lips so that they are defined and then simply apply the frosted lipstick in the center.” This will give the illusion of a lip gloss without the gloss, which can often feel sticky. For light to medium skin tones, Maria recommends MAC Frost Lipstick in Gel. For medium to deep skin tones, try the same formula in shade “O,” or Bronze Shimmer, for those with darker skin. “MAC has the best options for a look like this, being such an iconic ’90s brand,” concludes Asadi. If you’d rather spend less, you can’t go wrong with Rimmel’s ’00s shades Heather Shimmer and Coffee Shimmer.

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