Timeshares talk about their favorite albums of 2022

2022 kicked off for Philly punks Timeshares when they signed to Wiretap Records and later released their third LP Limb. In the fall, the band toured with Teenage Halloween for a handful of record release shows, and they played The Fest in Florida on Halloween weekend. As 2022 wraps up, Timeshares have compiled a list of their favorite albums of the year. Their picks include Shannen Moser, The Beths, Drive-By Truckers, MJ Lenderman, and more. Read on for the list…

Timeshares’ Favorite Albums of 2022

Shannen Moser – The Sun Still Seems To Move

Shan is such a special singer and songwriter and is able to hone in on details in a way that can level anyone who listens. You can hear human hands all over this record in the best way, which is a rare thing these days. This one’s a true gem. (Max)

The Flatliners – New Ruin

What a special thing for a band: to start as kids, have the same lineup for 20 years, and still be releasing some of your best work. The three singles, “Performative Hours”, “Rat King” and “Souvenir” all have videos that tie together with a cohesive narrative, and are three of the finest songs the band has released so far. Go Flats. (Max)

Wild Pink – ILYSM

I love everything John Ross touches and this is no exception. ILYSM takes everything WP did on the first few records and blows it up full-screen while simultaneously narrowing in on the smallest things that make their songs tick in a particularly sweet way. (Max)

Greg Mendez – Live at Purgatory

Greg has sneakily crept into view as one of my favorite current writers, and this live record released only a few weeks ago (which I believe is modeled after Townes Van Zandt’s Live At The Old Quarter) is a nice look into his back catalog as well as forward towards some new material. “Maria” will probably be my favorite song of 2023. Something I really love here is that there is absolutely zero fat on any of Greg’s songs – every phrase counts, every line is its own little hook and the harmonies with his partner/accompanist V are astonishingly good for how subdued they are. I hope someone gives Greg a million dollars to make a record, but for now I’ll just keep this on repeat and look forward to new stuff. (Max)

Angel Olsen – Big Time

The backstory leading up to this album is part of what allows it to create such a powerfully devastating effect; just after finally coming out to them at age 34, both of her parents died. Shortly thereafter she began recording this record. It’s stripped down and bare in spots, raw and real, and unbelievably well colored with musicality, highlighting where loss meets new love. Plus, she recruited Sturgill Simpson for a re-release of the single “Big Time” which is a wild heater of a tune. (Eric)

Spoon – Lucifer on the Sofa

Damn, this is a rocker of a record. Dark, bold and gritty instrumentation with some classic Britt Daniel gruff-meets-buttery vocals. The single “The Hardest Cut” has a guitar riff that could almost have appeared on a Sleep record. (Eric)

Lee Bains & The Glory Fires – Old Time Folks

I was anticipating this release all year and it exceeded my wildest expectations. Punk-powered southern rock that blends blistering and beautiful. Dense with words like a history book but streamlined with singalongs and hooks. This record is interesting, inspiring and important. (Mike)

Signals Midwest – Dent

I wasn’t gonna leave this one off the list just because Max is also in our band. As a long-time listener and admirer, I’ve watched Signals shape their signature sound into a more focused iteration on each release. With choruses built for longevity on a foundation of perfectly crafted arrangements and easily the most expensive album cover of the year, this record is their finest work to date. (Mike)

Ezra Cohen – The Sweet Million

Ezra brought his band down from New Hampshire for our record release shows and I was blown away hearing these songs live, and absorbing them in real time left me equally excited to check out the record and ashamed that I hadn’t heard it sooner. It turned out to be a perfect soundtrack for the weather getting colder and the leaves hitting the ground. With its airy, textured layers and Ez’s thoughtful, saccharine voice, this record will be keeping me warm through the winter months. (Mike)

Drive-By Truckers – Welcome 2 Club XIII

When one of our collective favorite bands announces their fourteenth studio album, we circle our calendars with excitement. The Truckers delivered once again, shifting gears from the political side to more personal matters without losing any conviction. These are stories put to song that range from dark and heavy to sweet and pretty with toe-tapping rockers for good measure. Long live the great DBT. (Mike)

Wilco – Cruel Country

I hadn’t listened to a new Wilco record in a while. Not because I thought they were bad — it’s more that they just kept happening without me noticing. Cruel Country is a cozy return to the Americana vibe they (well, Jeff and a bunch of other people at least) made their name on. At 80 minutes, I wish they could have given me a few more rockers, but it’s a perfect record to clean the kitchen to on a rainy day. It will be essential headphone listening for moving the car or running out for half-and-half on a shitty, snowy morning. (Jon)

MJ Lenderman – Boat Songs

People were coming out of the woodwork to tell me I had to hear this one. I thought it was because of the NBA and pro wrestling references you get in the first three tracks — and that doesn’t hurt — but boy did this record strike a nerve. Gorgeous arrangements, big hooks, and songs that lull you into comfort before they stick the knife in. My favorite part might be those big, bendy lead guitars, each sounding like they could have used another take, reaching for the note and coming up a little flat, not unlike the protagonists of the songs. (Jon)

The Beths – Expert In A Dying Field

For starters, the title track is a colossus of a tune. Best album opener of the year. So many of these tunes have a bridge that’s so off-kilter and melodically striking that you have no choice but to drop everything and pay attention. And as always, you never know when one of those signature dense harmonies will hit you like a buckshot. (Jon)

Heavy Lag – Another Year Closer to Whatever

We played with Heavy Lag for the first time at the beginning of the year. No bullshit, melody-driven, downstroked tunes, quirky enough to snag your ear but not so much that they get in their own way. Watching their set, I thought, “If they could just make a record that sounds like this with louder vocals, I’d really like that.” Well, they did and I do.

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