Tired of Cicadas? Well Don’t Worry, They Should Be Gone Soon-ish

According to Barnes, you shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning them up or hiring someone to do so, as the bugs will be an excellent source of nutrition for birds, raccoons, snakes, mice, turkeys, and wild animals (and that one guy who’s constantly trying to convince you that eating bugs is the key to ensuring our species’ long-term survival).

“It’s going to look kind of messy, but when their bodies decay, it actually provides a nice fertilizer for a lot of the plants in the understory and for the trees as well. It’s this burst of nutrients for plants at a time of year that they wouldn’t usually be getting that good nutrient input, so they’re good for plants, they’re good for animals and they cause very little harm, so they’re just all-around good insects in my opinion,” Barnes said.

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