Top 10 Geotechnical Engineering Podcasts: A Journey Through Engineering Excellence


Geotechnical Engineering PodcastsGeotechnical Engineering PodcastsIn this episode, I reflect on our top 10 geotechnical engineering podcasts that resonate the most with our listeners. We explore groundbreaking discussions on new technologies and share inspiring stories of career development and engineering leadership.

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Here Are the Top 10 Geotechnical Engineering Podcasts:

  • #10 –  Joanna Smith, a talented young geotechnical engineer at AECOM, is making significant contributions to the field of geotechnical engineering. She shared her experiences and highlighted the impact she hopes to achieve in the engineering industry.
  • #9 – John R. Grillo, P.E., a project executive at Keller, talks about important ground improvement techniques. His detailed exploration of these techniques gave us valuable insights and knowledge.
  • #8 – This episode laid the groundwork for The Geotechnical Engineering Podcast. We discussed our goals and how we intend to support our community.
  • #7 – Christina Tipp, PG, CEG, a professional geologist from SHN, sheds light on the relationship between geological and geotechnical engineering. Christina’s insights highlight the importance of this interdisciplinary understanding.
  • #6 – Seth Pearlman, P.E., D. GE, M.ASCE, president and CEO of Menard Group USA, shared his perspective on ground improvement techniques. Seth’s expertise and case studies were a true learning experience.
  • #5 – Peggy Hagerty Duffy, P.E., D.GE, M.ASCE, president at Hagerty Engineering, Inc., offers valuable guidance on starting and growing a successful engineering firm. Peggy’s advice on building client relationships was truly golden.
  • #4 – Mathew Picardal, P.E., facilitated collaboration between structural and geotechnical engineering, emphasizing teamwork and integration between the disciplines.
  • #3 – Episode 11: Andrew Burns, P.E., vice president of Engineering & Estimating for Underpinning & Foundation at Skanska, provided a roadmap for aspiring geotechnical engineers. His dedication to continuous learning and professional development was truly inspiring.
  • #2 – Episode 02: Kancheepuram N. Gunalan (Guna), P.E., the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2020 National President and Senior Vice President at AECOM, provided a visionary perspective on the future of our field. His insights into the future of geotechnical engineering were enlightening.
  • #1 – Episode 14: Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero, Ph.D., P.E., a geotechnical project manager and laboratory manager at American Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc., inspired individuals to embrace new opportunities in their careers. Sebastian’s personal journey and success stories resonated with many.

More Details in This Episode…

About the Host: Jared M. Green, P.E., BC.GE, F.ASCE

Geotechnical EngineeringGeotechnical EngineeringJared, originally from southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, graduated from Syracuse University’s College of Engineering in 2001 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He later went on to attain his M.S. in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Focus) from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaign, in 2002. In 2003, he began working in the New York City office of Langan. He has since become a Principal / Vice President and is one of the owners of this international land development engineering consulting firm. After 15 years at Langan, Jared moved to the Philadelphia office and is one of the geotechnical practice leaders in that office.

Jared is a consultant and team leader who also enjoys mentoring young engineers and first-generation college students. He has been instrumental in increasing the number of pre-college students who are interested in STEAM majors and fields. He strives to make complex engineering topics relatable and understandable to people new to the field and to people who are completely unfamiliar with engineering. Jared and his family currently reside in Flemington, New Jersey. He and his wife have three energetic, inquisitive, and awesome children. You can connect with Jared here.


TGEP 42: The Relationship Between Geological and Geotechnical Engineering

TGEP 07: How to Start and Grow a Successful Engineering Firm
TGEP 21: What a Structural Engineer Thinks a Geotechnical Engineer Needs to Know
TGEP 11: How to Become a Great Geotechnical Engineer
TGEP 02: ASCE National President Dr. Kancheepuram N. Gunalan on the Future of Geotechnical Engineering
TGEP 14: Be Open to New Opportunities in Your Engineering Career

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TensarTensarTensar, a division of CMC, is a world-leading manufacturer and provider of ground stabilization and soil reinforcement solutions. Our innovative geogrid technology has benefited thousands of civil construction and engineering projects around the world for over 50 years. With our Tensar+ design software, you can design for higher performance and with greater confidence. Designers can export specifications that compare the benefits of Tensar geogrids with other soil stabilization methods.

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To your success,

Jared M. Green, P.E., BC.GE, F.ASCE
Host of The Geotechnical Engineering Podcast


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