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Latest update

The console update for Type Soul is out now. Share the working codes with your console friends to help them get up to speed.

Need a boost? More Type Soul codes are coming all the time, giving you ways to farm higher than your friends and peak in the game’s PVP scene. Use every new code before they expire to keep a keen edge over those who don’t.

Type Soul is an open-world Roblox adventure game based on the Bleach franchise. Like many others, your task is to train, level up, and pick out the perfect combination of attacks, traits, and boons to perfect a winning combat strategy, take on bosses, and best other players.

New Type Soul codes

  • quickshutdown – (new)
  • woahreal – (new)
  • rankedmidseason
  • ohwowcool
  • delayedwhoops
  • bloodedged
  • nuovalovesquincy
  • quincyktillmybonesdecay
  • happyeaster
  • spiritgun
  • doomatearoom
  • weareback
  • tamaiscool
  • eduardobrg

How to redeem Type Soul codes

An annotated screenshot showing how to access the code redeem box in Type Soul on Roblox.

To use codes in Type Soul, you first need to open the game and make your character.

Once you’re logged in and moving, click the Giftbox icon on the row along the top-left of the screen. Enter a code from the list above there and press Enter/Return, or your usual confirm key on your platform.

If the code worked, you’ll get your rewards straight away. If it has expired or was entered incorrectly, you’ll get the “invalid” message instead. Try again or use a different code. You also have to be above a certain rank to use them. You’ll see that error if you’re not high enough.

How to get more Type Soul codes

The first place you should turn to for more codes is the Type Soul Discord. It’s where the developers post any work-in-progress sneak peeks, converse with players, and hash out plans for new updates and events.

You’ll also find a list of Type Soul codes on the Type Soul Trello board. This isn’t kept up to date as frequently as Discord, and will likely get left behind as the game ages, but it’s a good place to check all the same. You never know what you might find.

If you just want Type Soul codes without all the searching and notification pings, though, just check back here every day. We’re doing all that and more to keep the list of working Type Soul codes above updated and current.

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