Typing the word ‘skepticism’ is like playing ping pong on your keyboard

Social media users are obsessed with typing the word ‘skepticism’ because it’s like playing a game of ping pong on your keyboard.

The joke has taken over Twitter in 2023 and is amusing everyone. If you fancy a laugh today, or want to make a co-worker smile, here’s what you need to do…

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Typing ‘skepticism’ is like playing ping pong

It sounds confusing until you try it, and the only way to really understand the trick to give it a go for yourself.

Type the word ‘skepticism’ on a normal qwerty keyboard on your phone, computer or laptop and it’ll be like playing a game of ping pong.

The first letter is S which is on the left-hand side of the keyboard, followed by K which is on the right, then E is on the left again and P is on the right.

It’s like playing a match of ping pong and batting the ball backwards and forwards from each end of the table. So funny!

Some countries like the UK actually spell the word with a C like ‘scepticism’ so the trick doesn’t work, but the American spelling uses a K.

If you want to make it even funnier, turn keyboard sounds on on your phone and it’ll actually sound like a game of table tennis.

Funny joke goes viral on Twitter

The amusing trick has taken over the internet after a tweet shared by an account called Respectful Memes went viral.

Posted on Thursday (January 19), the tweet is a picture of a strange caterpillar with the title “epic bug facts” which tells you to type the word.

“Typing the word ‘skepticism’ is like playing ping pong with your keyboard,” the caption says – and people quickly began trying it.

In just 24 hours, the tweet has had a whopping 151 million views and counting, plus 479,000 likes and 51,000 retweets.

Trick amuses internet users

The simple joke has had internet users in hysterics, and it’s certainly a great little trick to show your colleagues in the office.

One person wrote: “I just did it and I have the stupidest smile on my face.”

“Just spent the last 15 mins typing skepticism on my keyboard and being utterly fascinated by it,” said another.

A third person added: “This was so much fun 100/10 would do again.”

Interestingly, the qwerty keyboard was actually designed to ‘ping pong’ on purpose, with the most used letters being spread about to avoid clashing.

The most popular letter combinations are placed on opposite sides to allow you to type with two hands quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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