Ubisoft appoints publishing VP Brenda Panagrossi as general manager for US market


Another executive shakeup is happening over at Ubisoft, as Brenda Panagrossi has been tapped as general manager for its United States team.

Under this position, she’ll “define and implement strategy for the US Engagement Hub.” As further “support” for the developer’s US-based teams, she’ll serve as their regional representative.

Interestingly, the press release further notes she’ll be managing the operations of the San Francisco office specifically.

Panagrossi first joined Ubisoft in 2002 as a member of its eCommerce division. Over the years, she’s served as VP for its digital sales and platform management teams, and most recently worked as the VP of its executive publishing team.

In that same release, Ubisoft’s chief publishing officer Alain Corre cited her previous experience as “a perfect fit for this new strategic role.”

Last year, Ubisoft has had longtime veterans move around to take charge of specific franchises like Far Cry and The Division. She’s played a hand in several of those series, mainly on the business and marketing side of things.

It also made Montreal the center of its North American production hub. The move allowed for teams to collaborate and “take advantage of each studio’s strengths…and expertise.”

However, there may be a bit of a change in that collaboration with an extra manager in the mix, particularly since she’s also in charge of handling Ubisoft San Francisco’s operations.


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Originally posted 2024-04-05 00:27:43.

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