Ugh, These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely to Get Cheated On in 2022

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Oof, 2022 is looking ~yikes~ for some of us. Just as our sun signs and birth charts can show us some people are more likely to be cheaters, the transiting planets can show us who is most likely to get cheated on. These zodiac signs are most likely to get cheated on in 2022—I’m so sorry to break the news!

Cheating is a very, very sticky topic. Nearly all of us know someone who’s been cheated on, or have even been the person getting cheated on. Having your partner break your trust is a deeply disempowering experience for anyone, one that often casts a shadow over future relationships.

There are a couple of astrological events that lead me to believe that three particular zodiac signs may get cheated on in 2022. The first event—which I’ve talked about SO much lately—is Venus retrograde. If she hits your chart at a particular angle, Venus retrograde shakes up your love life, bringing exes back from the past and reviving long-dead relationships and patterns. Take off the rose colored glasses and RUN. That’s your ex for a reason!

Mars retrograde at the end of 2022 is also looking nasty for one of these signs. While this sign is slated to have an awesome year regardless, Mars retrograde makes love complicated by intensifying anger, resentment, and aggression.

If you’ve made it onto this list, don’t fall into the depths of despair—prepare! These three signs are most likely to get cheated on in 2022, so be conscientious and careful with your heart.

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Libra, this probably feels like rubbing salt in the wound since you’re already looking at a difficult 2022, but there’s a decent likelihood you’re going to get cheated on this coming year. Know that this is NOT your fault, and that you can recover from this.

Although your normal reaction to an event this emotionally charged is to shut down and put on a happy face, allow yourself to feel your feelings; otherwise, they’ll pop up when you least expect them. When dealing with said cheater, don’t hesitate to express that you’ve been treated poorly and emphatically distance yourself from the person who’s wronged you.


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Aries, 2022’s tough, but you’re tougher—you’re the warrior of the zodiac! Love doesn’t always come easily to you, as you’re often too focused on accelerating your career and changing the world to give someone else a piece of your heart (and, if that’s what fulfills you, I support you 100 percent).

However, when you have given someone else your love and they treat you poorly, your instinct is to freak TF out. Can you stay calm and collected when you take your pajamas and toothbrush home in a box? Instead of trying to wrong the other person in retaliation, find your deepest inner wisdom and breathe. The pain will pass in time.


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Virgo, this really sucks, because you’re actually lined up to have an awesome year. However, there is a slim chance that whatever relationship you’re in come autumn could go awry. I so admire your organized nature, Virgo, but huge changes and surprises often throw you for a loop. 

With there being a chance of a breach of romantic trust, can you (without becoming too guarded) develop a healthy resilience in case your new fling doesn’t go the way you want? 2022 is going to be a good year, but you need to mindfully prepare for the worst, just in case you get thrown a curveball.


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