Vampire Dynasty Announced

The team at Mehuman Games and Toplitz Productions have announced their new title Vampire Dynasty, a new entry in the Dynasty franchise.

In Vampire Dynasty, historical references are traded for open world exploration, fantasy horror action, and a branching story in the fictional Balkan area of Sangavia.

Players will take control of someone who survived a vampire attack, flying either solo or with up to three others as they utilize their new vampiric abilities.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Vampire Dynasty | Cinematic Trailer

Vampire Dynasty | Gameplay Trailer

Michał Ciastoń, CEO of Mehuman Games and Lead Designer on Vampire Dynasty, said the following:

“We are excited to escort the Dynasty series on a dark and sinister path. We embrace the challenge to deliver a gaming experience that both veteran Dynasty players as well as fans of dark fantasy and horror games can equally enjoy. We have always been fans of both the occult and sinister as well as sandbox games. We cannot wait to show you more of what we achieved by merging both of these worlds.”Michał Ciastoń

Matthias Wünsche, CEO of Toplitz Productions, added:

“When it comes to the Dynasty franchise, we are always exploring new concepts and settings. The incredibly talented team at Mehuman Games has put their heart, soul and a lot of blood into Vampire Dynasty to raise the bar of what is possible with the signature genre-mixing formula. Yet they stay true to the roots of what encapsulates the beloved gaming experience expected by Dynasty fans around the world.”Matthias Wünsche

Set to release next year, all those interested can wishlist the game via the official Vampire Dynasty Steam page.

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