Verdict reached in manslaughter case against Mexican actor Pablo Lyle

MIAMI – A Miami jury has reached a verdict in the manslaughter case against Mexican telenovela actor Pablo Lyle on Tuesday. 

In March 2019, Lyle was a passenger in a car driven by his brother-in-law when he cut off Hernandez at the intersection of NW 27th Avenue and 14th Street.

At a stoplight, Hernandez ran up to the SUV Lyle was in and banged on the window.

Lyle was captured on surveillance video getting out of the passenger side of the vehicle. His brother-in-law also got out of the car, but it was not in park and it started rolling into the intersection.

The brother-in-law ran back to the car to stop it from rolling and Hernandez walked back toward his own car. That is when the surveillance video shows Lyle running toward Hernandez and punching him.

The blow knocked Hernandez unconscious and he later died from his injuries.

Lyle, who claims he acted in self-defense, was the star of the Mexican telenovela “Mi Adorable Maldición,” or “My Adorable Curse.” He also stars in a Netflix drama called “Yankee.”

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