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Video game news: Marvel at the ‘Outer Wilds’ expansion trailer now – Film Daily

Get your space suits ready because news of a DLC for the video game Outer Wilds just dropped today! News on the Outer Wilds video game DLC was announced during the publisher Annapurna Interactive’s showcase on Thursday and fans are already buzzing with excitement. 

The news for the DLC for the Outer Wilds video game includes its release date in September and how the DLC will be weaved into the main narrative of the game, which has left some to scratch their heads on how this news will affect the story of the Outer Wilds video game. 

Of course, Twitter already has theories after hearing the news about the DLC for the Outer Wilds video game. We flew through the threads to find the best reactions to the DLC announcement. Get ready for takeoff as we dive into the reactions to the news of the Outer Wilds DLC. 

All you have to do 

We’d start that sooner rather than later if we were you . . . . 


In short, yeah sick! 

Once more 

Yeah, aren’t those fun . . . .? 


You’d think, but apparently . . . . 

Best day ever! 

*Squeals in excitement*

Hey, new stuff! 

It is a DLC and boy, it promises to be a doozy! 

Future names 

Outer Wilds 5: The Outerness Gets Even Wilder 

Only dangerous prize 

Your heart may be happy, but please think of your wallet . . . . 

Thread theories 

Here comes the red string . . . . 

More theories 

Oh no, they’re multiplying! 

What are your thoughts on the news about the Outer Wilds video game DLC? Drop them below in the comments before blastoff!

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