Vitamix’s Newest Blender Is Affordable, But Is It Better Than My NutriBullet?

The Vitamix ONE features a 32-ounce BPA-free container, simple one-dial mechanics, a somewhat less powerful 750-watt motor as opposed to its predecessors’ normal 1400-watts, and comes with a free mini-tamper. The dial allows you to adjust how fast it blends. A lower speed, for example, is better for chunky salsa. But even if you want a smoothie, the variable speed has advantages. When blending up ingredients, it’s ideal to start slow and crescendo your way up to the highest setting with a few changes in speed to really mix things up.

After flipping through other reviews and comparing the ONE to more popular Vitamix models, people’s main concerns are the missing pulse function and extra control notches. The pulse function modulates the speed automatically for smoother blending, something you have to do manually with the ONE. The additional controls on other Vitamixes let you switch between variable and high blending and include an on/off switch. With the ONE, however, you run the risk of accidentally placing the container on without the lid and sending your smoothie flying.

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