Watch full-set video of Operation Ivy’s final show at 924 Gilman in 1989

We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for a real-deal Operation Ivy (Jesse Michaels and Tim Armstrong did reunite to play “Sound System” in LA earlier this year though), but in the meantime, we thought it’d be a good time to revisit their last-ever show, which went down on May 28, 1989 at the iconic Berkeley venue 924 Gilman. Full, digitally enhanced video (shot by Shayne Stacy) of the show was released not long ago, and it’s obvious from this footage that Op Ivy went out with a bang. They’ve got so much chemistry on stage, they’re tearing it up, and they already look and sound as stadium-ready as two of these guys would quickly become with Rancid. Watch below.

You can also pick up a vinyl copy of Op Ivy’s 1988 debut EP Hectic.

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