Watch Michigan emo band Pack Sounds’ new video for “Glasses Half Empty”

Michigan emo band Pack Sounds recently released their new EP Sad Everything, which strips back their usually-punky sound and feels like a somber, atmospheric version of stuff like The Lawrence Arms, Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, etc. We’re now premiering the second video from the EP, for “Glasses Half Empty,” which was made by Bobby Markos (of Cloakroom, Native, etc) at Documavision. The band says:

“Glasses Half Empty” is the second video we’ve done with Bobby from Documavision and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The first video he did for “Buckets Half Full” is actually the companion piece to “Glasses” so it feels rather fitting to have him complete the visuals for both songs. We love Bobby’s work and really appreciate his non-traditional approach to making music videos; relying heavily on abstract imagery and peculiar palettes rather than more traditional vibes of a band playing in front of a camera. We’ve seen that video a million times and it’s refreshing for us as artists to watch our music get a little weird. Also, whether it was the filmmaker’s intention or not, the imagery suits the lyrical content perfectly. Both “Glasses” and “Buckets” are about the ups and downs of dealing with someone in the midst of a battle with addiction, and more specifically in regards to trust; how it is so easily lost and also so difficult to regain. These videos symbolize that concept graciously with their washy textures and unsecured footing that leave the viewer feeling a little lost or helpless, much in the same way a person can feel as they watch a loved one fall apart. At the same time, during these bouts of visual melancholy, there is a slight feeling of hope that maybe it will be alright. Musically, that is very much the essence of the lyrics but also a good summary for the turbulence Pack Sounds has experienced these last couple years and the positivity we’re feeling now. While it’s been a great experience to challenge ourselves to think outside the box for these last two somber EPs, now we’re feeling more prepared than ever to release a full band LP that’s more energetic and back to our roots.

Watch the video for “Glasses Half Empty,” as well as the one for “Buckets Half Full,” below.

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