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Movie NamePeter Rabbit 2: The Runaway
Date Time11 June 2021 (USA)
DirectorWill Gluck
WritingBeatrix Potter, Will Gluck

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A charmless reinvention of a children’s classic

Another big flaw is James Corden’s lack of charm or comic timing as Peter. In the source material, Peter Rabbit has always been a mischievous character, but was likeable enough to become a beloved figure of children’s literature that has endured for generations. 

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It’s hard not to think of these Peter Rabbit adaptations in tandem with the recent Paddington films, another case of a classic British children’s story leaping to the big screen for a modern audience. But those films worked because they never tried to reimagine the character to fit a star persona, with director Paul King even going so far as to replace Colin Firth as the voice of Paddington just weeks before release because his famous voice proved too distracting. It’s a noticeable counterpoint to “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway,” a watered-down reimagining of Beatrix Potter’s tales designed as a James Corden family comedy franchise, not as a faithful modern day adaptation.

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There are some bright spots in this Peter Rabbit sequel, with the overqualified live-action cast all doing their best to sell material that is clearly beneath them. David Oyelowo is having the time of his life as an overblown parody of an entertainment executive, while nobody commits as hard to being attacked by CGI animals as Domhnall Gleeson. Their efforts do prove futile — they may understand the assignment, but there’s little they can do to elevate a screenplay that is so rarely funny to begin with. But the moments that do work are the ones when they are onscreen, giving more to their performances than the lazy screenplay requires from them.

It probably comes as no surprise that “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway” is a mostly charmless affair, a step up from the original in terms of comic ideas but not when it comes to the lazy execution. In a world where Paddington Bear can spawn a faithfully adapted big screen franchise that rivals “Citizen Kane” in critical respect, why does this children’s book series need to be transformed into a deeply annoying set of James Corden vehicles?

‘Peter Rabbit 2’ Set to Scamper Across China Before the U.S. in June

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Sony’s “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway” is set to scamper across China starting June 11, a week before it scurries to screens in the U.S. on June 18.

“Peter Rabbit 2” was the top film earlier this week in the U.K., when around 80% of indoor cinemas in England, Scotland and Wales re-opened on May 17 after months of COVID-19-related closures. The title led the pack of 14 new releases to earn $558,000 from 334 sites on Monday and Tuesday, according to Comscore figures.

No matter what Chinese viewers think of “Peter,” the film will surely perform many times that in the world’s largest film market, where theaters have been continuously open since last July and box office numbers in some weeks have even begun to exceed years past. Overall, the year to date box office in China is down 10% compared with pre-pandemic 2019, according to data from Artisan Gateway.

Directed by Will Gluck, “Peter Rabbit 2” tells the story of the Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit who heads to the big city and makes trouble to ease his boredom at home. It features the voices of James Corden, Domhnall Gleeson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Margot Robbie, among others.

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The first “Peter Rabbit” film debuted grossed $26.3 million in China in 2018, marking its second strongest overseas performance after the U.K., where it earned $54 million. Gluck’s musical comedy “Annie” grossed a minimal $497,000 (RMB3.2 million) in China in 2015, according to Maoyan.

Peter Rabbit 2: the Runaway review – amusingly self-aware sequel

Our vegetable-stealing hero, voiced once more by James Corden, appears to be in on the joke in this at times thoroughly inventive follow-up.

The furry scourge of gardeners everywhere returns. But this instalment of Peter Rabbit is filtered through the kind of sly self-awareness that suggests the film-makers took on board the criticisms of the previous film and decided to run with them. Thus there’s a repeated joke about Peter’s annoying voice (James Corden returns as the lead bunny) and a meta gag about the commercial pressures that sever the screen adventures of Peter and chums from their chintzy Beatrix Potter origins.

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Yes, the shadow of Paddington looms large. But there are some genuinely funny moments, and the madcap action set pieces – particularly a farmers’ market heist – are giddily inventive. Fur rendering and CGI is first-rate, for the animals at least. The humans fare less well: as Mr McGregor, the CGI Domhnall Gleeson at times looks like a collection of over stretched slinky springs in a man suit.

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