What Does Pantone Color Of The Year Say About 2023?

Of course, you can achieve Viva Magenta through other, more insect-friendly means, with textiles created in every color of the rainbow thanks to our modern technology. In the early 20th century, Spanish-born designer Mariano Fortuny created the Delphos gown, a dress that draped across the body subtly and evocatively, inspired by ancient Greek garments. While it came in several shades, in 1968, it was the carmine version of the signature gown that got the silver screen treatment when Barbra Streisand wore it in Funny Girl. While the likes of Viva Magenta shine on silky or iridescent fabrics — like that Fortuny dress, mid-century Yves Saint Laurent gowns, and ‘80s party dresses — the color also goes well with the lushness of velvet and the opulence of satin. It’s a jewel tone, though perhaps a lesser value gem than the others, a tourmaline red rather than a prized ruby. It’s got an underdog charisma, not the va-va-voom red of the femme fatale. It’s softer and quieter, a little moodier, a little less demanding. 

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