What Happened To Ephemeral Tattoo & Their “Disappearing” Ink?

I’m also in this niche Ephemeral Tattoo Club. I got an Ephemeral tattoo back in February 2022. Similar to Weiner, I had two tattoos prior to visiting Ephemeral so I knew what to expect from a tattoo experience (the cost and pain are the same), but a temporary ink made me act more irrationally. I’ll get something I like but would never get permanently, I thought. The night before my appointment, I searched ‘tiny arm tattoos’ on Pinterest. I found a ‘C’est la vie’ in cursive script and the design, placement (on the outer wrist), and meaning, such is life, resonated. So I got it tattooed on the outside of my left arm. It’s visible any time my elbows are on the table. And yes, 22 months later, it’s still there — seven months after it should have completely faded.

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