What is Reddit Recap 2021 and what personal data does it reveal?

Forget Spotify Wrapped, Reddit is the latest platform to come up with a 2021 recap feature, and it’s getting pretty personal.

We’re breaking down exactly what Reddit Recap 2021 will reveal about your posting habits…

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What is Reddit Recap 2021?

Just as the name suggests, Reddit Recap is a featuring showcasing personal highlights on the platform from the past year.

Reddit joins the likes of Spotify, Instagram and Apple Music with its new ‘flashback’ feature, which went live on December 9th.

The 2021 Reddit Recap should be pretty interesting, given that its users created 366 million posts in 2021.

According to Reddit, major themes on the platform from this year include: “cryptocurrency, gaming, sports, weddings, health and fitness, food and drink, and movies and television.”

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What kind of personal data will the new feature reveal?

Essentially, Reddit Recap will reveal habits to the individual user, seeing what kind of content they interact with the most and the subjects that they spend their time on.

TechCrunch reports: “Reddit is launching a new personalized Spotify Wrapped-like recap feature for all users tomorrow. The new recaps will include a variety of stats, including a summary of the time you spent on the platform, a look at the content that you interacted with or contributed, topics you engaged with and communities you’ve viewed or joined.

“Reddit notes that users will be able to hide their username and avatar if they want when sharing the recap across other social media apps.”

As per Newsweek, Reddit will also allocate you a ‘secret ability’, depending on the specific kind of Redditor that you fall under.

In past years, the platform has avoided including user-specific data in the annual recap. We guess that the popularity of Spotify Wrapped and Instagram Playback could have swayed Reddit to get more personal!

How to view the platform feature

Reddit users can easily access the recap feature on a mobile device, allowing them to swipe through a slideshow similar to that of Spotify.

As mentioned, users will be able to share their 2021 on Reddit on other social media platforms.

Have you seen your Reddit Recap for 2021 yet?

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