What to watch: The Gift of Peace, Kindred, The Holiday Sitter

Maybe your favorite shows have gone off the air until January.

Well, there’s still plenty to keep you busy!

Check out what we recommend to watch this week.

Saturday, December 10

8/7c Kirk Franklin’s The Night Before Christmas (Lifetime)

Award-winning Gospel artist Kirk Franklin is back with another star-studded and fabulous Christmas film and a fantastic playlist, too.

Naturi Naughton, of Power acclaim, stars as a single mother who gets caught in a blizzard with her estranged daughter at a church filled with parishioners bummed out about the cancelation of their holiday play.

What unfolds is a beautiful tale of love, family, forgiveness, community, and the beauty of the season.

10/9c The Gift of Peace (HMM)

Traci lost her faith after tragedy but begins to find inspiration, hope, and peace with the help of a new community when she joins a grief support group at Christmas.

You’re going to need to grab the tissue box for this moving holiday film.

Be sure to check out our interview with the film’s costar, Brennan Elliot, too.

Sunday, December 11

8/7c Family Law (The CW)

In the Family Law Season 1 finale, Nina and her dad learn they aren’t related from a DNA kit. Abby suspects medical malpractice from the fertility clinic.

Harry must decide between dating Crystal or his children’s disapproval.

With two stories heavily based on fatherhood, it begs the question of whether nature or nature is more important.

8/7c The Holiday Sitter (Hallmark)

Confirmed bachelor Sam watches his niece and nephew when his sister and brother-in-law have to leave town to be there for the birth of the baby they’re adopting.

Neighbor Jason agrees to help, and in the process, Sam rethinks what he truly wants from life.

Be sure to check out our delightful interview with its star, Jonathan Bennett!

8/7c A Prince & Pauper Christmas (ION)

If you want to switch things up with your holiday movies, you can always check out some of the offerings on ION, too.

Don’t let the dash of royal fun fool you with this one. The synopsis tells a different kind of story.

When a down-on-his-luck confidential informant in a criminal investigation suddenly goes missing, a desperate young federal agent recruits his doppelgänger to play the role.

8/7c Single and Ready to Jingle (Lifetime)

Emma Warner feels like she lives Christmas year-round. As the SVP of a successful toy company in Chicago, she spends 12 months a year focusing on Christmas, leaving no time for dating.

But with the holidays nearing, she decides to take a leap and put herself out there with the help of her assistant and friend.

Ideally, she hopes to attend a resort where she can completely ignore Christmas, but instead, she ends up in a town that is obsessed with it, pushing her out of her comfort zone, hoping that she can embrace the season and love.

9/8c Dangerous Liaisons (STARZ)

At the masked ball, everyone hides out in the open. Camille shares her darkest secrets, justifying her need for revenge against the Montrachets.

Will Jacqueline succumb to her feelings for Pascal? Who will be next on the chopping block?

The rich dance while the poor starve. Lines are drawn, claims are staked, and love blossoms in unexpected places. Don’t miss the most revealing episode of Dangerous Liaisons!

9/8c The White Lotus (HBO)

It all comes down to THIS, The White Lotus fans!

After six episodes of searching for clues, it’s time to find out who dies on the season finale.

More importantly, we’ll find out whether Greg has really been scamming Tanya.

9/8c Must Love Christmas (CBS)

Come watch Liza Lapira from The Equalizer in her first holiday film. She stars as Natalie, a reclusive romance novelist who gets stuck in a small town on a book tour.

She’s soon in her love triangle between her teenage crush Caleb (Nathan Witte), and an inquiring reporter Nick (Neal Bledsoe).

In order to rewrite her current book, Natalie must decide what she wants in life and love.

Monday, December 12

Days of Our Lives (Peacock)

Ava’s ready to kick her revenge plot into higher gear. She plans to plant a bomb at Susan’s memorial, but little does she know that Tripp is planning on crashing it! Will her actions inadvertently hurt the only person who matters to her?

And now that Eric and Nicole are officially done, Eric will hook up with slimy Sloan. Is she using him? And if he can’t stand Nicole’s antics, how is he ever going to get along with the shadiest lawyer in Salem?

9/8c The Cleaning Lady (FOX)

Now that Thony saved Robert, what repercussions will there be on the two-hour finale?

Nadia attempts to lay low and stay on Robert’s good side, while Garrett demands answers from Thony about what he learned from Arman.

The family celebrates Luca’s birthday, and Thony decides to do anything to keep Luca and her family safe, but at what cost?

9/8c His Dark Materials (HBO)

Asriel and Mrs. Coulter are reunited, but can they find a way to work together and find common ground?

Lyra and Will search for a way to repair the knife and take on a journey from which they might never return.

The Magisterium enlists Dr. Cooper for a monumental task.

The journey to new worlds continues on another two full-length episodes of the magical epic His Dark Materials!

10/9c The Good Doctor (ABC)

Uh-oh. Shaun’s new performance rating system causes a major competition between Powell and Perez. Will high quality medical care take a back seat to “winning?”

Meanwhile, Morgan crosses a line with Park — AGAIN.

But the most interesting spoiler of all is that Lea is going to get some news that scares her. Could the Season 6 winter finale cliffhanger be that she is pregnant after all?

Tuesday, December 13

Kindred (Hulu)

As Dana, a young Black woman and aspiring writer, begins to settle in her new home, she finds herself being pulled back and forth in time.

She finds herself emerging at a nineteenth-century plantation and confronting secrets she never knew ran through her blood.

Well, damn. Doesn’t this sound good??

8/7c FBI (CBS)

A teen shows up at FBI headquarters with a large bag of fentanyl.

He seeks the team’s protection from the men who shot his father.

Also, Nina comes to Scola with a proposal he is hesitant to accept.

Wednesday, December 14

National Treasure: The Edge of History (Disney+)

The iconic franchise returns with a Disney+ series featuring a mostly new cast.

There are some familiar faces, as evidenced by the thrilling first trailer.

Check it out below.

8/7c A New Diva’s Christmas Carol (VH1)

Vivica A. Fox has a star-studded Christmas film that serves as a continuation of the first flick.

Aphrodite was made famous for performing the love song of the era. It made her a ton of money, but she HATES this song. Aphrodite is visited by three spirits who take her on a journey through love and Christmas past, present & future.

The film stars Eva Marcille, Ashanti, Mel B., Vivica A. Fox, Robin Givens, Catherine Burdon, Mckenzie Small, and Robyn Alomar.

Thursday, December 15

Doom Patrol (HBO Max)

Everyone’s looking for somewhere to belong, and you can bet it isn’t going to go smoothly.

Larry and Jane are both missing their inner partners, so who are they going to co-depend on now? Rita hasn’t completely blobbed out, but it’s only a matter of time. And Vic got bros now. Really?

Meanwhile, what (or who? Or when?) the heck is Immortus?

Call Me Miss Cleo (HBO Max)

This eye-opening documentary chronicles the rise, fall, and reinvention of revered and reviled ’90s TV psychic Miss Cleo.

Featuring interviews with celebrities and those closest to the self-proclaimed voodoo priestess, the film explores the many layers behind a complicated and charismatic figure.

Before there was the internet, we counted on Miss Cleo and others like her to tell our fortunes. I’ll be tuning in!

Star Trek: Prodigy (Paramount+)

We ramp up the improbable as the pressure is on to save the Federation from the living construct aboard the Protostar!

Let’s talk about a twist on the mind meld, like a remote crazy Freaky Friday sort of twist.

But who can resolve the issues aboard the Dauntless as it chases after the Protostar while no one knows how to stop the self-destroying virus?!? This is seriously intense stuff!

8/7c Beauty & The Beast: A 30th Celebration (ABC)

Gabriella Wilson, also known by her stage name as H.E.R., and Josh Groban lead a wonderfully talented cast, including Rita Moreno, David Alan Grier, and Shania Twain, in a two-hour animated and live-action blended special.

It’s a must-see homage to the original Disney animation, taking us on a fun, musical, and joyous journey through Belle’s eyes.

It’s great family fun and not to be missed!

8/7c Record Breaking Christmas (Lifetime)

Leah Hoffman (Michelle Argyis), an adjudicator for The World Record Bureau, draws the short straw and is forced to travel to a small town just before Christmas to investigate their plans to break multiple holiday world records.

As she falls for the town doctor, Devan Bancroft (Andrew Bushell), she discovers that the whole town is in cahoots, and she just may be the person who can help them reach their true Christmas goal.

Grab some hot cocoa and tune in for this one!

10/9c CSI: Vegas (CBS)

The bodies of two Regency Romantic Festival attendees are discovered.

The CSI team uncovers a shocking link between their murders and previous cases.

This is Catherine’s first case since solving Grace’s murder.


Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She’s a member of the Critic’s Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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