What Top Boy Gets Right About Domestic Violence For Marginalised Women

Like most of the other characters in Top Boy, Lauryn does not even consider going to the police and the criminal justice system isn’t to be relied on.  Top Boy reflects the very pertinent truth that the relationship between the Black community and the police is poor, with systemic racism often rife in policing. In 2021, two Met Police officers were jailed for taking and sharing images of the murdered bodies of Black sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman. The previous year, despite evidence finding a slew of racist messages involving the police officers, they were allowed to keep their jobs. In terms of domestic abuse, between March 2020 and June 2021, domestic abuse charity Refuge (who also helped Hocking prepare for the role this season) found Black women were 14% less likely to be referred to them for support by police than white survivors of domestic abuse. The police in general continue to have a poor record of taking domestic abuse seriously with all women, and many are reported as guilty of domestic abuse themselves. 

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