When Does ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Come Back in 2023? We’ve Got Some Time

Speaking of pacing herself, Nick is back after Meredith decided she wasn’t going to move to Minnesota after all. The two didn’t talk for six whole months but as this season marches, they begin marching together again. Of course, who knows if that will stick because Meredith is moving to Boston?

In this season, Zola starts having panic attacks, which are related to the fact that she knows how Ellis Grey died and is now terrified that Meredith and Maggie will suffer the same fate. We also discover that Zola is a big-time genius whose panic attacks are also attributed to her bored brain, so Meredith takes her on a whirlwind tour of smarty pants schools around the country. When they get to Boston, Jackson offers Meredith a job trying to cure Alzheimer’s after she offhandedly says a cure would ease the stress Zola feels.

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Originally posted 2019-11-22 05:00:00.

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