Where is Ian Bailey now? Sophie: A Murder in West Cork explored

Subscribers have already been invited to check out an impressive selection of documentaries in 2021, with the likes of Seaspiracy and Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel generating some serious discussion and speculation online.

The streaming service is becoming increasingly known for its non-fiction output and audiences are finally welcome to check out Sophie: A Murder in West Cork, which released on Wednesday, June 30th 2021.

Across this limited series, we explore the killing of Sophie Toscan du Plantier, a 39-year-old mom who was tragically beaten to death when visiting her holiday home in Schull, Ireland in 1996.

In the wake of the murder, a man was arrested, but where is Ian Bailey now and what happened to him after the arrest?

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Sophie: A Murder in West Cork: Where is Ian Bailey now?

  • Ian Bailey is now 64-years-old and in 2019 he was convicted of murder by the Cour d’Assises de Paris and sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was subsequently tried in absentia in France after winning a legal battle against extradition. However, Ireland’s High Court ruled that he couldn’t be extradited in 2020.

The latest update comes from Bailey arguing for a new investigation into the murder following the discovery that an unknown male DNA was unearthed at the crime scene.

Since being arrested after the murder, Bailey has continued to attest to his innocence despite the conviction.

Irish courts haven’t handed him over to French authorities and he believes this DNA could clear him, as per his conversation with The Sun:

“This took me by surprise as I had not been told that before and I understand it was found years ago and it was kept from me. I want to know why it was hidden. I found it totally shocking that this has been kept quiet as this could potentially clear me once and for all. I feel it should have at least been declared to my legal team in discovery during my legal action against the state.”

He added that a reopening investigation is the least that he is owed: “There has been a deliberate conspiracy to put me in the frame for murder and it’s never been acknowledged. I had nothing to do with her murder. It simply wasn’t me… I just want this nightmare to be over so I can finally get on with my life.”

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork | Official Trailer | Netflix



Sophie: A Murder in West Cork | Official Trailer | Netflix





What happened after the murder?

Bailey is a former journalist and was actually the first reporter at the scene of the murder, swiftly leading him to become an authority on the case.

The Sun highlights that he was later accused of offering details in his reports that only the killer could know.

He was arrested twice in Ireland but experts found no trace of his DNA under the victim’s fingernails and none of his blood was discovered at the house.

As for the DNA which he thinks could clear his name, it was found when a French forensic team was re-examining evidence in 2011. The DNA was found by the laces of the boots she had on that night.

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Ian bailey on the Netflix documentary

At this time, it is uncertain if Bailey has seen the Netflix documentary but he called it a “demonising propaganda” piece while speaking with The Sun.

He clarified: “I haven’t co-operated with the Netflix project. I believe it is more propaganda than an objective documentary and it was made with Sophie’s family, not me.”

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork is now streaming on Netflix.

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