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Where “Space Jam 2: A New Legacy” Free Streaming! At Home Everywhere? – Film Daily

How to Watch Space Jam 2: A New Legacy Online free! HBO Max is the only place to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy online for the time being you won’t be able to find it on iTunes, Amazon, or any of the other usual video-on-demand sites.

The long-awaited sequel to Space Jam is finally ready to make its debut online and in theaters on Friday, July 16, 2021. Millennials like us can hardly wait. Space Jam 2: A New Legacy has been decades in the making, and like its predecessor, it will feature a mix of live-action and animation, pairing iconic Looney Tunes characters with NBA all-stars.

This time around, the film will see LeBron James team up with Bugs Bunny and other members of the Looney Tunes gang, AKA the Tune Squad, as they attempt to defeat the Goon Squad to save James’ son. The original Space Jam movie, which debuted in 1996, remains a cult classic for many to this day.

spacejam 2

spacejam 3

It notably starred NBA icon and the original GOAT Michael Jordan and a cast of Looney Tunes characters including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Tweety Bird, as well as a slew of other basketball legends such as Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, and Muggsy Bogues.

Space Jam: A New Legacy release date:

Space Jam 2 is getting a simultaneous release in theaters and on HBO Max on July 16, 2021.

A New Legacy will follow in the footsteps of other 2021 Warner Bros. movies, including Godzilla vs Kong and Mortal Kombat, are iconic launching on the company’s streaming platform as well as the big screen. Well, in the US and other territories where HBO Max is available anyway.

However, it’ll only be available for a month on HBO Max following its release. If you plan on catching it at home rather than in a cinema, you’ll need to do so before August 16.

HBO Max subscribers (with an ad-free plan, that is) can watch Space Jam: A New Legacy for no additional cost, too, so it’s well worth checking it out if you currently have a subscription to the streamer.


Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer: watch the brand-new trailer now

A new trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy was released on June 9, and gave us another look at the film…

spacejam 1

spacejam 4

There’s new footage, some humorous moments, and a better look at the Looney Tunes in CGI form. Admittedly, some look better than others, but we’re hoping that we’ll be used to their new aesthetic by the time that Space Jam 2 launches.

The first official Space Jam 2 trailer was released on April 3. It offered curious viewers a proper look at the movie’s plot, which Looney Tunes characters will join LeBron on screen, and which other Warner Bros. properties are making an appearance in the film (more on these later):

Warner Bros. has released a couple of teaser clips of the movie in the run-up to release, too, which give another look at the film’s surreal humor.

Space Jam: A New Legacy plot: what is the story about?

Space Jam: A New Legacy follows LeBron’s journey to rescue his youngest son Dom (Cedric Joe) after the latter becomes trapped in a virtual world by an evil AI program called Al-G Rhythm (Don Cheadle).

Despite the pair being reunited, however, LeBron is told by Al-G Rhythm that he must lead the Tune Squad – comprising characters like Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, and Daffy Duck – to victory over the AI’s digital basketball champions, known as the Goon Squad before the duo can return to the real world.

spacejam 1

spacejam 5

The Goon Squad are digitized versions of professional basketball players, so LeBron and the Tunes Squad will have their work cut out for them. If the first film was anything to go by, LeBron and his animated pals are bound to find some fun ways to get one over their opponents, rescue Dom and help the James family to return home.

Space Jam: A New Legacy cast: who will appear?

As we’ve mentioned, we know several of the human and cartoon characters who will feature in Space Jam 2:

  • LeBron James as himself
  • Don Cheadle (Avengers: Endgame) as Al-G Rhythm, an evil computer program
  •  Sonequa Martin-Green (Star Trek: Discovery) as Kamiyah James, LeBron’s wife
  • Cedric Joe (Modern Family) as Dom James, LeBron’s youngest son
  •   Chair J. Wright (2 Broke Girls) as Darius James, LeBron’s oldest son
  •   Harper Leigh Alexander as Xosha James, LeBron’s daughter
  •   Alex Huerta as a young LeBron James

NBA players including Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Diana Taurasi, and Nneka Ogwumike are also set to appear. They will play the Goon Squad’s characters Wet-Fire, The Brow, Chronos, White Mamba, and Arachnneka respectively.

spacejam 6

As for which Looney Tunes characters will feature in some capacity, see the list of these – and their voice actors – below:

  •  Zendaya as Lola Bunny
  • Jeff Bergman as Bugs Bunny, Sylvester James Pussycat, and Foghorn Leghorn
  •  Eric Bauza as Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian
  • Bob Bergen as Porky Pig and Tweety
  •  Jim Cummings as Tasmanian Devil
  •   Gabriel Inglesias as Speedy Gonzales
  •   Candi Milo as Granny
  •    Paul Julian as the Road Runner

Space Jam: A New Legacy cameos: which Warner Bros. properties will appear?

The official trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy wasn’t well-received by every Space Jam or movie fan when it was released.

Some onlookers took exception to the sheer amount of iconography from other Warner movies and criticized the studio for shoehorning various series into Space Jam 2 when they have no business being there. It’s a particularly contentious issue, too, when you consider that mature films, such as A Clockwork Orange, will feature in an upcoming film aimed at kids.

Either way, Warner Bros. won’t remove those other properties so late into development. If you’re curious about which Warner Bros. IPs will show up in some capacity, check out the list below of those confirmed by the trailer:

Space Jam: A New Legacy development: why has a sequel taken so long to make?

Even before work began on A New Legacy, there were other Space Jam spin-off movies in development, too. According to legendary skate star Tony Hawk, discussions between Warner Bros.

and Hawk’s team in 2003 almost saw the studio greenlight Skate Jam – a skateboarding offshoot starring Hawk and the Looney Tunes. As Hawk reveals in his tweet, though, Skate Jam was shelved after the 2003 flick Looney Tunes: Back in Action bombed at the box office.

That’s not the only potential Space Jam spin-off that Warner Bros. considered either. In 2001, Jackie Chan was in talks to star in Spy Jam, while Race Jam – a NASCAR-centric movie starring professional racer Jeff Gordon – also almost happened.

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