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Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about the “Army of thieves” streaming release and where to watch the full movie online for free right now at home. Is watching Army of thieves online free on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Prime? Where to get an authentic streaming platform or service link? These questions and more are answered below.

The prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is here – Army of Thieves and it’s all about zombies, misfits, and a heist. The film is set in a premise before a full-blown zombie outbreak like a prequel to a zombie film normally would, along with a few familiar faces making a return.

Watch Now: ‘Army of thieves’ (2021) Movie Online!

If Hans Landa and Danny Ocean had a son, he might have turned out something like Sebastian (Matthias Schweighöfer), the talky, insanely gifted, but insecure hero of “Army of Thieves.” A Berlin office teller who hides his mojo behind an earnestly chirpy German accent, he’s an obsessive amateur safecracker — not a crook but a kind of savant hobbyist who dreams of unlocking metal fortress vaults the way a young theater bug in the Midwest might fantasize about making his Broadway debut.

“Army of Thieves” is a prequel to “Army of the Dead,” the Zack Snyder apocalyptic zombie heist thriller in which Sebastian — known, at that point, as Dieter — hooked up with a team of thieves in Vegas. Snyder’s movie, released just five months ago, was an entertainingly overstuffed genre mash-up. “Army of Thieves,” directed by its star, Matthias Schweighöfer (from a script by Snyder and Shay Hatten), is basically the origin story of a sidekick. By that, I mean no disrespect to Schweighhöfer’s Sebastian, who comes off as a likably flyweight Teutonic overgrown schoolboy. But still! “Army of Thieves” builds an entire underworld action flick around this nattering scamp in a three-piece suit.

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When will ‘Army of Thieves’ release?

The movie is set to release on October 29 at 12.30 pm IST on Netflix and is said to fix some of the problems observed in Snyder’s Army of the Dead that were deemed to be inconsistent and somewhat artificial, despite having an exemplary cast and breathtaking action sequences. Besides this, what failed to work for that film was the narrative not committing to the plot’s aspect, causing a general lack of connection as well.

  • Production: A Netflix release of a The Stone Quarry production. Producers: Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Wesley Coller, Dan Maag, Matthias Schweighöfer. Executive producers: Misha Bukowski, Frank Kusche.
  • Crew: Director: Matthias Schweighöfer. Screenplay: Zack Snyder, Shay Hatten. Camera: Bernhard Jasper. Editor: Alexander Berner. Music: Steve Mazzaro, Hans Zimmer.
  • With: Matthias Schweighöfer, Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Guz Khan, Jonathan Cohen, Noémie Nakai, Christian Steyer.

How to Watch ‘Army of thieves’ Online for Free

Viewers outside the U.S. may not be the first to watch the film, but they can see it for free. That is because, while the movie got a theatrical and VOD release in the U.S., in other territories it is coming straight to Netflix on October 29.

Watch Now: Army of thieves Online Streaming Free

The movie is getting a Prime release in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

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Will Army of thieves on Netflix?

Besides Matthias Schweighöfer, the cast also includes Nathalie Emmanuel, Guz Khan, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Jonathan Cohen, Peter Simonischek, Noémie Nakai, and John Bubniak. The film is produced by Deborah Snyder and Zack Snyder, Wesley Coller, Matthias Schweighöfer, and Dan Maag, with the screenplay by Shay Hatten.

Army of Thieves might not have as many zombies as Army of the Dead, but there’s still a whole lot of action in store for the viewers. Catch the movie on Netflix on October 29.

Is Army of thieves On HBO MAX?

No. Army of thieves is a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Eon Productions movie, not a Warner Bros. movie, and therefore will not be streaming on HBO Max when it opens in theaters. While HBO Max—which is owned by Warner Media—has been the streaming home for Warner Bros. movies like The Suicide Squad, it will not be the streaming home for MGM movies like After We Fell.

Is Army of thieves on Disney+?

No, sorry. Disney recently made a deal with Sony to bring Spider-Man and other Marvel properties to Disney+ after the movies are initially released on Netflix, but that deal begins with Sony’s 2022 releases. It’s currently unclear whether Venom and other older Sony films featuring Marvel characters will head to the House of Mouse’s streamer eventually.

Is Army of thieves on Amazon Prime?

‘Army of thieves’ is not streaming on Amazon Prime Videos as of now but is likely to become available on-demand in the near future. You can buy or rent the first film here. Prime members searching for similar films can alternatively watch ‘Time,’ which is another Documentary film.

Is Army of thieves on Hulu?

‘Army of thieves’ is currently not available for streaming on Hulu. However, audiences looking for similar creature features can try watching ‘Crawl,’ ‘Dustwalker,’ and ‘Sea Fever‘ instead. All of them feature varied kinds of deadly monsters that will thrill/scare you for sure.

Can I watch the other After movies on streaming?

Yes! Army of thieves is available to stream on Netflix.

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