While Not Taking Resources From Human Rescue, First Responders Doing Everything They Can To Reunite Lost Pets With Owners In Surfside

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As people were being plucked from their balconies by firefighters early Thursday morning, some beloved pets made it down too. Sadly others are still in the standing part of the tower.

“My bed started to move from side to side, my balcony doors opened on their own, it sounded like a thunder that just wouldn’t stop,” said Susana Alvarez who lives on the 10th floor.

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She ran for her life while her cat Mia ran to hide. “She hid under the bed all the time and that’s where she is now. During the first tremor that’s what she did, she went straight under the bed,” Alvarez told us.

At the worst time of her life, Susana and others don’t have their pets to keep them calm. All of this is weighing on Susana.

“The guilt I feel is horrible, for leaving her there. I see her little face, I feel like I’m the devil to her. I feel like I took her to that building and there she is trapped,” she said.

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Miami-Dade Animal Services says the fire department made multiple sweeps and has not found any animals.

Miami Commissioner Ken Russell says the fire department is still helping out, while not taking any resources away from human rescue. “What we’re doing is looking in through the balconies, where doors are open we’re trying to leave food or water on balconies for any pets we know of,” Commissioner Russell said.

He’s also working with Friends of Miami Animals to help pets and families reunite. “They are taking recordings of any information now what unit and animal might have been in, what breed, gender, etc. and they’re also ready to help for anyone who’s been rescued who has a pet they’re having trouble taking care of now or a pet that needs help,” he explains.

He also hopes a drone can help get food to Mia. “They have offered to try to fly food up to a balcony on the tenth floor where we know of one cat that is stranded and we can’t reach with the cherry picker.

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For information about Friends of Miami Animals you can to The Hotline number is 833-366-2642.

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