Why Are Requests For Plastic Surgery Reversals On The Rise?

One of the many people who signed up for this popular tum-to-bum fat transfer is 26-year-old Grace*, a sex worker who spent years saving thousands to pay for the surgery. “I traveled to Turkey to do it in 2018,” says Grace, “because it’s cheaper even with the flights and the hotel to do it there. I started getting self-conscious about how small my ass was and how thick that made my waist look, especially when I saw all these girls with huge asses online. I’m not gonna lie, I wanted the massive Kardashian ass so bad. It can be embarrassing being a Black girl with a flat ass. Men have always said stuff to me about it,” she explains.

Grace was soon faced with the reality of the situation. “I don’t recommend getting surgery that invasive when you’re so far from home,” says Grace. “I’ve never felt so isolated and homesick and the recovery was really embarrassing. I was in a padded diaper and needed someone else to wipe for me.”

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