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Why is everyone deleting their Twitter accounts? Dive into the latest rumor – Film Daily

Twitter users are mass deleting their accounts for a reason that may seem a bit . . . . odd, but trust us, it’s a good reason. Twitter announced yesterday that they are currently testing a downvote feature for the platform, leading many users to deleting their accounts before the storm of negativity arrives. 

Many academics and representatives of the platform cite the tests in order to present more streamlined content to users, as the dislike button will allow users to downvote content they find to be in poor taste as well as give people a more clinical way to dislike something. 

Of course, many Twitter users have noped out of that scenario by deleting their accounts. We searched through the threads to find the reasoning behind why so many were deleting their Twitter accounts (and oh boy, they have a good reason). Get ready to hit delete as we dive into these reactions to Twitter’s new dislike button. 

Biggest hater

It only gets worse from here

More ways to be mean 

They don’t and yet . . . . 

Silky Johnson 

We don’t think you’ll be the only one with that title. 


Trust us, there will be blood . . . . 


Good luck with that. 

Train to hell 

All aboard this trainwreck waiting to happen. 


Easy, dude, don’t use it all at once!


Just breathe, in and out, that’s it . . . . 

 Haters have arrived 

Let’s be honest, they’ve always been here. Twitter just decided to give them more power. 

Not ending well 

Hence why many users are deleting their accounts. 

What are your thoughts on users mass deleting their Twitter accounts? Drop them below in the comments before we get downvoted! 

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